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LTI’s Edge & RoBo services, along with traditional & cloud computing provides an extended view of entire IT landscape.

Our focus is to build and manage Edge Compute services, Hybrid Networking, RoBo Solution as part of IT operating model. ​Hybrid networking is a service offered by service providers to connect disaggregated IT environments. Edge computing promises to add additional choices and management requirements that need to be included. As the edge computing trend matures, there will be a growing need for cross-service management, integration and aggregation of cloud, edge and traditional IT services. ​

A perfect balance of on-premise traditional IT, Cloud & Edge compute with right deployment strategy in a multi-tier service architecture provides required business goals and governance standards.

As businesses increase their activity at the edge of the network, incorporating an IoT strategy and relying on latency-sensitive applications such as edge infrastructure, that infrastructure at remote sites becomes more and more important. The role of IoT and latency-sensitive rich media content such as video streaming have contributed to the re-emergence of the distributed network. With these two main drivers of edge computing, it makes sense to treat edge computing as an important part of the overall IT infrastructure strategy.

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    Solutions & Key Features

    Edge Compute Nodes

    Edge Compute Nodes

    LTI delivers a framework for Connected Edge servers, which connect to many local endpoints. This edge server on other end, are connected to enterprise or cloud data centers, and gateways to send across data and derive analytics. They can be standard servers or micro datacenter with power and cooling capability​.

    RoBo – Network Solutions

    RoBo – Network Solutions

    LTI RoBo solution are based on HCI platform covering compute, storage & network requirements in from of building blocks. The Remote Office Branch Office (RoBo) solutions specially cater the needs of connected small office with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud of the organization.

    Edge Management Covering Edge solutions

    Edge Management Covering Edge solutions

    Experience a new way for managing VM & Container workload spread across Private, Public & Edge, have different modules for Monitoring, Infrastructure Automation, Multi-Cluster Management & Ansible tower playbook deployments. Plus, there is an add-on which helps to enhance a functionality.​

    LTI Edge: Value Propositions


    Centralize management of entire Edge platform.

    Build solutions starting small and can grow big on scale.

    Faster implementation, and easy upgrades.

    Compute, Storage & network services are bundles and grown in units.

    Compliment edge services for IoT strategy of an organization.