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Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services

Enterprises today are plagued with a variety of IT Infrastructure requirements. The sheer list of tasks to be accomplished is at once long and equally intimidating. Moreover, diverse branch connectivity requirements with granular application policies, hybrid cloud deployments scenarios, software-defined WAN & Work from home or rather Everything from Home, pose various administrative challenges to IT organizations worldwide.
At LTI, our approach to Infrastructure Management is focused on delivering optimum value to our clients, by using future-proof products and solutions, with flexible consumption models. Our offerings, powered by our innovative core of specialists, leverage our proven technology accelerators and IPs. As a one-stop partner for clients, both big and small, LTI’s offerings focus on lowering infrastructure costs, increasing availability and optimizing infrastructure and automation.

With our deep experience in driving cloud adoption, we help enterprises devise innovative strategies to realize hybrid private clouds and manage them with capabilities like automation, unified visibility and governance for future proofing. Our E2E expertise in managing Campus and Branch networks, along with our intent-driven approach to software-defined networks of the future, augment our data center services. This enables our data center to manage your entire network, compute, and store infrastructure with all physical and virtual assets, along with collaboration – in short, bringing all assets under a single-pane-of-glass view.

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    Technology Capabilities

    Organizations these days are continuously exploring various Hybrid platform to manage their workloads, network solutions or Edge compute. Our Framework, IP & accelerators helps clients to deploy the custom solutions with standard framework and have rapid innovation and agility to achieve desired IT and business objectives.

    Hybrid Cloud & SDDC

    Hybrid Cloud & SDDC computing enables an enterprise to scale beyond its data centers and take advantage of the elasticity of public cloud.

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    Hybrid Network Services - (Cloud / SDN / NFV / Legacy)

    LTI’s Hybrid network services enable enterprises to design, deploy and manage networks by leveraging best-in-breed technology and solutions that interconnect different network segments including campus, datacenters, branch and public cloud in a flexible, cost-effective manner.

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    Edge & RoBo Service

    LTI’s Edge & RoBo services, along with traditional & cloud computing provides an extended view of entire IT landscape. As the edge computing trend matures, there will be a growing need for cross-service management, integration and aggregation of cloud, edge and traditional IT services, our focus is to build unique solution around this service to manage them effectively.

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    Enterprise Storage & Data Protection

    LTI’s Storage solutions address key critical challenges in enterprise IT like exponential data growth, changing demands for skills, rapid digitalization and globalization of business, connection with the Hybrid IT landscape and maintaining data privacy and compliance.

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    Next Gen Database & Middleware Operations

    LTI’s Database and Middleware Solutions comprise a wide range of offerings like Digital Database Operations D2O and Rapid Migration that provide maximum flexibility & agility for our clients across the globe to manage their DB & Middleware operations.

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    Service Offerings


    Enterprise IT Infra Assessment & consulting services

    This framework helps assess IT Infrastructure landscape to provide details and dependency mapping of environment. Based on the assessment or existing landscape, we do provide Consulting services to achieve specific business objective for the client’s IT infrastructures needs.

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    Assessment framework for entire IT landscape
    Automated data discovery
    Recommendation and consultation based on assessment reports
    Dedicated consultation assignments for achieving various business objectives

    Enterprise IT Build & Migration services

    Build and Migration Framework enables factory model to help build new environments and migrate existing workloads to those environments. It brings in agility and efficiency in Migration operations.

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    LTI’s Build & Migration framework helps to standardize deployments
    Factory model delivers faster migrations than traditional models; reduces time to 2/3rd
    Accelerates new deployment & migration timescale
    Delivers a maintainable end-state environment

    Operation Transformation (Converged Ops) & Management

    Enterprise IT operation is redefined with Converged Ops model having cross-skilled workforce of L1.5 team handling operations with a command- centric approach. Experience noiseless monitoring environment & improved KPI across your operation landscape.

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    Cross-skilled L1.5 team to manage the environment
    Command-centric team is enabled with service analytics
    Single point of ownership for all incidents across Compute, Network, Storage, backup, Cloud and database
    Noiseless monitoring and housekeeping and establish support for critical business events

    Key Solutions

    HCI-based Enterprise Private / Hybrid Cloud

    LTI’s datacenter services help transform the traditional On-Premise infrastructure platform to Hyperconverged-based Enterprise Cloud having scalable architecture to grow as Private cloud or seamlessly connect to external Hyperscalers and benefit from Hybrid models.

    Software-defined WAN Services

    Leverage SDWAN for centralized management with bandwidth optimization & effective traffic control, providing simplified WAN Management & application visibility.

    Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for Critical Workloads

    Facilitate the orchestration & recovery of your workloads at remote environment location, using data replication from primary site to remote site.

    Campus Network Transformation using Software-defined Access

    Translate campus network requirements such as segmentation, routing, security, wireless and guest connectivity in software – simplify management of large campuses and reduce manual intervention in day-to-day tasks.

    Digital Database Operations

    Digital Database operations simplifies complex database operations – slashing both DBA time and the cost of managing databases with traditional technologies.

    Secure Virtual Office

    Enabled single pane control for remote central management and orchestration of wired, wireless, security and WAN configurations. Core component of the solution is an integrated gateway appliance with Wi-Fi radio, built in SDWAN and Enterprise Firewall for branch offices.