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Smart Experience Services

LTI’s Smart Experience Services provide an end-to-end digital solution that optimizes the entire experience for the user across all possible channels of support – whether that’s getting guidance from self-service, connecting to an agent, engaging with a smart bot, receiving face-to-face support, or leveraging analytics to fix issues without users ever needing to ask.

FIT – SES are delivered by leveraging capabilities powered by our artificial intelligence and automation backbone; delivered via a rich suite of features & channels enabling individualized & contextualized support, that fit the many ways users work, thereby ensuring a consumer like experience.

With integrated analytics and machine learning capabilities, which build and learn from extensive knowledge, experts, and best-in-class operational processes, Digital Smart Services optimizes the overall employee experience & productivity, while driving new cost efficiencies for our clients.

Key Features

  • Digital Experience Monitoring: Monitor & analyzes the end-user experience on devices such as laptops, mobile, VDI, etc to improve efficiency & productivity
  • Proactive and predictive: Proactive device management, self-healing, robotic process automation (RPA), analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), Predictive support truly takes this to the limits by recognizing and dealing with issues before they become issues.
  • Do-it-yourself: Self-service Portal, knowledge base, catalogs, password reset, vending solutions, service scheduling.
  • Person-to-Person: Mobile app, global voice support, online chat, web ticket, AI virtual agent.
  • Face-to-Face: Walk-in support center, instant video spot, dispatched technicians, managed deployment.

Business Benefits

  • Higher productivity: Provides new levels of ‘speed to resolution’ by directing employees to immediate resolution and ‘how to’ articles based on the real-time context of their environment.
  • Higher satisfaction: An individualized solution that puts the employee experience first – designed to take the very concept of employee care to the next level.
  • Employee preference– Provides a dedicated virtual agent for assisted guidance – bringing the best of cognitive technologies to bear, offering employees choice & flexibility on how to obtain support based on their preference.
  • Cost avoidance: Minimize the support volume on your service desk with a solution that takes support work out of the system – improves your bottom-line.
  • Streamline support: Unified support across all functions takes your employees complete support needs into consideration – no confusion, just simplicity.
  • Leverage expertise: Leverage LTI’s ability to harness evolving digital capabilities – which means your employees get self-service features built on continual innovation.

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    FIT Offerings

    Smart Experience Desk

    FIT Smart Experience Desk lets the user connect using pre-configured persona and custom preferences, right first-time using Any Time, Any Where, Any Device and Any Thing Approach. Right from the multichannel to omnichannel, ranging from traditional voice, chat, email, web to integrate to possible digital channels as social, mobile app, chatbot, video & IVA. Leveraging self-help to intelligent self-service, video on demand for FAQs, knowledge articles. Enhance and elevate the support from traditional remote support model to advanced self-healing, auto-recovery, one-click solutions, intelligent service catalog, single-click app provisioning to most advanced configurations powered by best-in-class AI, which can Automate the most of possible through orchestration, automation platform & smart bots.

    FIT Smart Experience Desk encompass a range of services including the service desk, app help desk, user provisioning, remote deskside support. FIT focuses on AI, Sentiment Analytics and ML-led Innovation and automation with rich suite of features with personalized & contextual support, thereby ensuring a consumer like experience.

    Smart Field Experience Services

    FIT Smart Field Experience Desk lets the user connect using mobile apps to zero touch installations, from self-help options, self-healing options to walk-up desks, digital experience zones – through our advanced vending machines & smart lockers.

    Digital Experience Monitoring

    FIT Digital Experience Monitoring ensures that each individual end-user has the best end-user experience IT can provide within the totality of their workspace, including their experience as it is affected by applications, the OS, network performance, CPU and much more.