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Secure Connect Services

LTI’s FIT – Secure connect services ensure that an organization’s workplace platforms are secured from a 360° angle. Modern organizations are digitally evolved and highly interconnected. Protecting organizations’ digital assets and operations is a critical job, which needs to be highly security-focused across the enterprise, with an understanding of the distinct needs and risks of different business units.

Digital transformation and the rapid evolution of the threat landscape have caused a fundamental shift in how organizations protect their digital assets. LTI’s Secure Connect Services ensure the security of organizational data and application by focusing more on robust solutioning/ implementation/ management of four critical factors mentioned below.

Identity and Access Management: With distributed systems like mobile devices, IoT devices and cloud computing, identity remains a top concern for the enterprise, where it needs to be planned and executed.

Information protection: Protections of the data needs to be irrespective of the device locations. Data needs to be identified, classified and labelled so the appropriate protection policies can be applied to it.

Threat protection: We need to have the right alerts send to the right people at the right time for all the endpoint, identity and app data that cloud-connected devices and their users generate.

Security management: Security management improves visibility across an organization to better manage policies and security posture for the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Unified Identity and SSO platform for the enterprise
  • Strong security posture for all devices
  • No data compromise with zero trust
  • Near real-time protection from any threat

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced user experience with single identity solution
  • Flexibility to use any device any where
  • Tracking of any data across the enterprise and revocations if misused

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    FIT Offerings

    Access & Identity Service

    LTI’s FIT – AIS service includes the list of technology and services, which ensures the identity platform of the organizations is at the optimum level of operations as per global standards. This includes, conditional access policy, client access security broker, password-less authentications, proactive identity risk detection mechanism, along with SSO for all web-based applications in the enterprise, Information Protection, etc.

    Device and Data Security

    This includes the technology and services which ensures the device, which is used to access the resources and the data have integrity and confidentiality intact. This includes hardening GPO for devices, Azure Information Protections, DLP for O365 and Azure AD integrated workloads, etc. Antivirus and EDR technologies.