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LTI’s Follow-me-IT

Follow-me-IT (FIT) ensures “anywhere, anytime, any device” workplace experience to the end-user, with high security, and bounded by organizational policies. The right set of applications and tools ensure “anywhere” connectivity and support to the end-users to encourage productivity, flexibility, greater emphasis on employee work-life balance, engagement, and collaboration.

A hybrid model is considered for clients whose environment has a backend connectivity to on-premise services, which cannot be completely moved to the cloud. FIT on the other hand is an end-to-end cloud-based digital workplace service where devices are connected to Azure AD, and managed by Intune for MDM (software deployment, patch management, policies, etc.). VDI is provisioned to ensure secure access of organization resources from anywhere, O365 to ensure messaging and collaboration achieved in a secured way. LTI takes the call on the best model suitable for the client post assessment.

Solution Highlights

  • A unique and proven solution built using a combination of modern authentication, cloud-ready operating system, collaboration and communication tools, mobility and security solutions, etc.
  • Centralized and cloud-managed workplace platform.
  • High data security on end user devices by enabling drive encryption, OS hardening, etc.
  • Persona-based user management and enriched user experience to increase productivity.
  • Contextually intelligent platform.

Key Features

  • Enables organizations to quickly adopt a modern workplace platform
  • “Anytime, anywhere, any device” access
  • Secured remote connectivity, keeping the enterprise compliant and safe
  • Highly flexible and scalable solution
  • FIT is more social, mobile, always-on and data-driven

Value Proposition

  • Control devices anytime, anywhere
  • Self-enablement of services
  • Remove on-premise dependency, which in turn reduces Opex and management costs
  • Optimizes use of the public, private and hybrid cloud to minimize upgrade costs and towards an evergreen platform
  • Increase productivity of employees and enhance end-user experience

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    Follow-me IT Offerings

    Connected Device Services

    An end-to-end device lifecycle management, starting from device provisioning to device retirement.

    Secure Connect Services

    An organization’s workplace platforms are secured from a 360-degree angle.

    Unified Collaboration Services

    Brings new-age collaboration & communication tools & solutions to your business to foster teamwork across multiple locations.

    Smart Experience Services

    An end-to-end digital solution that optimizes the entire experience for the user across all channels of support.