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LTI SM4Xform

Adapt to New Ways of Working
Service management tools are the catalyst for managing customer and employee experience. These tools drives effective and efficient service management to deliver the outcomes the customer needs as well as the ‘moments that matter’ to the employee.

LTI SM4Xform, with LTI SM4Assess at its core, drives the transformation of service management tools in your organization, and can be aligned to your service management tools strategy, SIAM tools operating model, ESM strategy, or ITSM tools operating model. Tool transformation drives maturity of your SIAM, ESM or ITSM processes and the tool estate. During the transformation journey, our tools consultants will deploy a new tool or reconfigure the existing one as required.

Our Approach:

Our service management tools consultants collaborate with you to design the tools operating model or architecture. Being vendor-agnostic, our consultants can evaluate the tools and recommend the one that best fits your requirement. They also ensure that these tools are configured following industry best practices and LTI experience.
Our consultants can access existing tool deployments to identify gaps in configurations, provide recommendations, and implement these to transform your tool deployment.

LTI SM4Xform Services:

  • XformConsult -Consulting services to architect your tool estate, assess your tools configuration and deployment, and tools evaluation to help you in tool selection.
  • XformPS – Professional services to implement, deploy, configure, and integrate tools for ITSM, ESM, service assurance, service automation, service intelligence, and experience monitoring and management.

LTI SM4Xform Tools Coverage:


  • ITSM tools (Ticketing tools and Chatbots (AI/ML, NLP capabilities)
  • SIAM and ESM modules
  • CI auto discovery and service mapping

AI/ML Centralized Event Management:

  • AIOps-based event correlation:
  • AIOps-based predictive event management
  • Consolidation and suppression

Poly Cloud Monitoring:

  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Virtualization platform
  • Network devices
  • NetFlow traffic analysis
  • Storage, backup, and hardware
  • Voice quality monitoring
  • Public cloud services
  • Log monitoring and analytics
  • Application, DB and Middleware monitoring

Experience Monitoring:

  • End User Experience Monitoring
  • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
  • Real User Transaction Monitoring
  • Application Code Level Monitoring
  • Employee Experience Monitoring


  • Workload (Job) Automation, Monitoring & Management
  • Server Configuration Management
  • Network Configuration Management


  • Vendor-agnostic tools expertise and implementation approach
  • Tool transformation based on business expectation targeting customer or employee experience

Business Benefits:

  • Digital experience monitoring and management through deployment of well-integrated toolset transforming customer experience.
  • Implementation of ESM tools to transform employee experience
  • Transformation of service management tool estate enabling your digital transformation journey and faster go-to-market
  • Opportunity cost reduction through predictive functionalities, automation, business service mapping, and cycle time reduction
  • Reduced OPEX through integrated tools and self-healing automation configurations

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