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Futuristic technologies such as cloud, blockchain, and IoT pose certain challenges to organizations. SIAMNxt, LTI’s NextGen ‘value’-oriented, scalable, and agile Service Integration and Management (SIAM) framework, addresses all these service integration and delivery challenges including those for Enterprise Service Management (ESM). It confronts the complexities and issues that a multi-supplier scenario endows on the delivery of your business services. It steers effective collaboration, communication, and contribution across stakeholders to achieve outcomes that transform the customer experience.

Our Approach:

  • LTI’s SIAMNxt framework comprises of SIAM operating model blueprint, and ready to adopt SIAM policies, processes, governance functions and the roles that builds the foundation of SIAM services.
  • We understand that the challenges related to service integration and complexities related to integrated service delivery are unique for every organization, and so is your SIAM.
  • Our SIAM consultants will set up SIAM for you in a manner that addresses all the nuances that are specific to your organization. As a program, SIAM can steer OCM and implement tools, with our process experts at hand to effectively govern and manage your SIAM function.

LTI SIAMNxt Services:

  • SIAM Design, Consulting and Professional Services: Consulting services for service integration and management (SIAM) blueprint/policy/process design and SIAM target operating model design.
    Professional Services for SIAM program management and OCM, or to set up and operationalize your SIAM function.
  • SIAM Run and Evolve Services: Ensure effective customer experience, service performance management, and effectively manage supplier conflicts; run and evolve your SIAM function through effective SIAM governance and process management, and tools administration and support.
  • Enterprise Service Management Consulting & Transformation Service: Addresses the ESM consulting and transformation needs of the customer for Finance, HR, GRC, Legal, Procurement, Facility, Travel, R&D, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Security departments with right processes, use cases and tool implementation.


  • Supports latest technology trends including digital platforms and services, and cloud services, Blockchain, and IoT ecosystems
  • Industry-aligned, including alignment to ITIL® 4
  • Scalable and agile SIAM framework
  • Ready-to-adopt SIAM and ESM framework, processes, tools and use cases
  • Customer Experience and value-based services with customer first approach

Business Benefits:

  • Transparency and accountability in business and IT service delivery, ensuring greater control and flexibility
  • Service excellence that focuses on customer experience transformation
  • Realization of business objectives through reduced opportunity cost, TCO, TCC, and service delivery risks
  • Clear communication channels and cross-supplier integration, ensuring alignment of IT strategies with business outcomes
  • Employee experience enhancement for ESM services based on “Moment That Matter”
  • * ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Ltd.

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