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ITOM – IT Operations Management – through LTiOM (LTI Operations Manager)

LTI’s EMS solution is an industry-leading, lightweight ITOM (IT operations management) solution. The key modules of this offering consist of availability of server management, network, storage, database, etc. It includes an intelligent discovery module for automatic discovery of the client infrastructure. It discovers all components within the client’s enterprise – standard and unique – across physical, virtual and cloud setups. LTiOM collects and stores a variety of data in a clean data lake. It has the ability to apply AI / ML for actionable insights – understanding relationships between infrastructure, applications and business services, and using this context to gain insights. LTiOM can integrate and share data across technologies and IT ecosystem in real-time. It can apply multi-directional integrations to automate actions at the cloud scale.

The Manager-of-Manager (MoM) layer of the LTiOM platform incorporates a powerful correlation engine, which aggregates incoming alerts from various sources and streamlines them, thus helping reduce noise from alerts.

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    Solution Description

    • Integrated hybrid monitoring & management platform
    • Complete visibility of hybrid environment
    • Collection and storage of a variety of data in a clean data lake
    • Integration with the client’s IT ecosystem in real-time

    Value Proposition Offered

    • Elimination of cost and complexity of multiple monitoring tools
    • Reduction of administrative burden for monitoring
    • Application of multi-directional integrations to automate actions at cloud scale
    • Different RBAC views for management, internal and / or external clients