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Digital ITSM4

Driving Digital Transformation
With the fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, LTI’s Digital ITSM4 primes your organization for the digital age, enabling your digital transformation journey. LTI Digital ITSM4 is based on ITIL®4. It drives the design, setup, and operationalization of ITIL®4 based service management practices, and setup of ITIL® processes and the ITSM function for process governance and management.

Digital ITSM4 steers the shift from traditional process-led delivery to value-oriented delivery based on ITIL®4, ensuring value co-creation across IT teams in the organization. It matures the ITSM processes and sets the foundation for adoption of LTI SIAMNxt (LTI’s NextGen service integration and management framework).

Our Approach:

LTI Digital ITSM4 has ITIL®4 aligned:

  • Blueprints for policies, processes, and roles.
  • Design and operationalization of policies and processes by our service management consultants addressing your organization-specific needs and ascertaining gradual adoption of ITIL®4.
  • ITSM tools rightly configured in alignment with ITSM processes by our tools experts.
  • Our ITIL®4-certified/trained process managers will steer effective governance and management of your service management organization with focus on customer experience.

Digital ITSM4 Services:

  • ITSM Design and Consulting Services: Consulting services that design or refine and operationalize ITSM policies and processes for your organization in accordance with ITIL®4.
  • ITSM Run and Evolve Services: Services that focus on transforming customer experience through effective ITSM governance, ITIL® process management, and service management tool administration and support.


  • Enabler for value-oriented service delivery focused on customer experience
  • Ready-to-adopt ITSM processes and tools
  • Agile and smooth adoption of ITIL®4

Business Benefits:

  • Clearly identified value-generating process activities driving cycle time improvement and reduced OPEX.
  • Value co-creation ensuring that value generation is a collaborative activity across all IT teams.
  • Matured ITSM processes with effective process governance and management, setting up the foundation for SIAM and/or Enterprise Service Management (ESM).
  • A service value chain that focusses on business services and outcomes

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