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Digital ITAM4

Management in the Age of Digital Assets
LTI Digital ITAM4 is aimed at managing IT and related digital assets that are products of the digital era and Industry 4.0. Our Digital ITAM4 services will help put together the IT Asset Management (ITAM) policies and process in alignment with ISO/IEC 19770, or institute/manage the ITAM function for your organization. We can help you transform your ITAM function through our ITAM assessment services aligned to ISO/IEC 19770 standards. Our services will enable you to be publisher audit-ready, drive license cost savings and contract optimizations, and harvest unused assets..

Our Approach:
Our consultants use LTI’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) policy and process blueprints, and reference industry best practices on ITAM and ISO/IEC 19770 to collaboratively define or refine the ITAM policy and process for your organization. This covers the ITAM life cycle including Hardware Asset Management (HAM), Software Asset Management (SAM) and other related digital asset management areas.

Based on LTI SM4Assess, our experts will assess your ITAM or Digital Asset Management (DAM) function and provide the maturity roadmap to follow. Our consultant can implement the recommendations for you, as well as deploy the tools.
Our software license experts ensure that your organization is ready for publisher audits and can help you face one. Our software license and contracts experts can assess your contracts and deployment footprint to recommend/drive license optimization for significant license cost savings, as well as for cloud migration. Our experts can map your software entitlements (including those for fonts), meter the hardware/software asset usage, recommend/drive cost optimizations, harvest assets or manage your asset management function. They can manage the asset life cycle for all your digital assets.

The service offering covers traditional hardware and software assets, cloud and other subscription driven assets, edge devices and IoT assets, and digital assets.

Digital ITAM4 Services:

  • ITAM Policy and Process Consulting Services: Consulting services to design or refine the IT Asset Management (ITAM)
    policy and process for your organization that addresses the nuances of digital assets in line with ISO/IEC 19770.
  • ITAM Assessment Services: ISO/IEC 19770-based assessment service to help mature and transform your asset management function. Our consultants conduct a 360-degree assessment and provide you a value-based maturity roadmap.
  • Contract Assessment and Cost Optimization Services: Consulting services to assess and optimize your ITAM contracts and license cost in your current deployment or when migrating to cloud that could help you realize cost savings.
  • Asset Inventory Consolidation & Harvesting Services:Consulting services to consolidate your asset inventory and assess asset utilization, allocation and related aspects to identify assets that can be harvested and imbibe asset harvesting as a practice in operations.
  • Asset Verification and Audit Services: Face publisher audits with confidence with verified asset data, being publisher licensing model-compliant, and having publisher license experts at your side through asset verification and audit services.
  • Managed Asset Management Services: Services to institute the ITAM function for your organization or provide experts to manage your IT/digital assets spanning the asset life cycle from procurement to retirement, in ‘managed services’ or ‘as a service’ model.
  • ITAM Professional Services: Professional services to provide expertise in ITAM and publisher license models or help deploy the ITAM or software asset/license management (SAM/SLM) tool, configuring the right asset types and license models, as well as integrate the ITAM tool within the ITSM ecosystem.


  • Expertise in a broad spectrum of publisher license models
  • Proprietary frameworks and tools aligned to ISO/IEC 19770 that are ready for the digital age in line with Industry 4.0
  • Proprietary frameworks and tools to ensure publisher audit readiness for our customers
  • Cost optimization focused approach
  • Modular services to cater to customer-specific needs

Business Benefits:


  • Integration of ITAM and ITSM tools to provide end-to-end automated asset life cycle workflow from procurement to disposal reducing manual intervention and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Comprehensive and real-time visibility into asset inventory, attributes, and contract insights ensuring contractual and regulatory adherence and timely ITAM contract renewal.
  • Reduced license and maintenance costs through optimized contracts, license deployment optimization, and harvesting thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)/total cost of consumption (TCC).
  • Compliance tracking and publisher audit-ready ecosystem
  • Future-ready ITAM framework (policy, process, and function) that harmonizes with digital asset.

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