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Cloud X-Ray

Cloud X-Ray is an extensive cloud management and governance solution to optimize your cloud workload by reducing the operational overheads. It gives you a complete visibility of your cloud infrastructure, enabling you to identify anomalies and remediate them with one-click fixes to drive your business efficiently.

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  • Holistic view (single pane of glass) of multi cloud environment
  • Cost granularity
  • Real-time asset discovery & asset tracking over time
  • Understand resource topology
  • Cloud leak detection & cost optimization
  • Integrated reporting system, in-depth information about cloud utilization, resource allocation, overall cloud health and wastage
  • Extensive security checks, best practices and recommendation for defining security policies for resources in the cloud

Key Features

  • 360-degree visibility to single and multi-cloud platform using a single dashboard
  • Integrated reporting & budgeting system
  • Cost estimation and projection framework
  • Fault tolerance
  • Reserved Instance planner
  • Resource rightsizing


  • 300+ security checks based on services
  • Provides one-click fixes to anomalies
  • Compliances managed such as GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO, CIS etc

Key Benefits

  • Complete 360-degree visibility of your cloud environment covering single cloud & multi-cloud infrastructure, multiple accounts and subscriptions
  • Reduce cloud spends up to 70% with cost & resource optimization features
  • Schedule and automate your infrastructure workflow and increase business efficiency