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Cloud Brokerage Platform (CBP)

LTI has created a centralized and integrated cloud brokerage platform to ensure seamless user experience in the client’s multi-cloud environment. Our platform creates secure, cloud agnostic, multi-tenant cloud environments, which deliver assured SLA levels for business-critical applications and services. It provides catalog-based services for client stakeholders seeking infra services, enables operations through a ubiquitous interface for services, and provides a 360-degree view of consumed services and service units.

The self-service portal and control panel are built using open source portal technologies. The key components of the CBP – Cloud Brokerage Platform include:

  • Product and service catalog, which comes from multiple IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service providers.
  • CBP orchestration and automation engine to provide task automation and cloud lifecycle management.
  • CBP ITSM engine to provide the full range of ITSM and CMDB services.
  • CBP billing engine to extract and aggregate the consumption and usage-based metrics for internal chargeback and showback reporting.

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LTI’s Cloud Brokerage Platform (CBP) meets all the Multi / Hybrid Cloud Management Requirement

  • Cloud Service Brokerage: LTI’s CBP serves as an aggregation, integration, automation and customization point for multi-cloud and managed services, from a broad ecosystem of providers, to create the industry’s leading cloud brokerage platform.
  • Server Provisioning: CBP provides full lifecycle support to the server, across multi-tier cloud services, with intelligent policy-based management for operational efficiency and control, with service management technology in line with the client’s requirements.
  • Automation & Orchestration: CBP has an orchestration engine that helps automate IaaS management (Provisioning IT Resources, Self Service Portal) and cross-functional services (Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management & Process Management).
  • Event Management, Monitoring, and Scripted Response: The CBP portal offers the capability of status, event and threshold alert mechanisms for all the management-related activities of the client. The user can monitor the status of all provisioned resources and their utilization via real-time dashboarding and reporting. In the event of an incident, user is provided with the option to execute certain tasks against the alerts, using pre-configured and customizable scripts. They can also monitor capacity utilization across the public cloud infrastructures. The CBP has the power to monitor OS, database and VM for performance and availability.
  • Capacity Management: The CBP has the feature to manage and optimize capacity. It provides automated and robust data collection mechanisms to leverage the already deployed management tools via ready-to-use connectors, based on Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) technology. Capacity optimization can also collect workload and process-level data using either agent-based or agentless data collectors, depending on the specific target platform.
  • Service Management: The CBP portal contains an IT Operational Management (ITOM) solution, which is a perfect complement to cloud IT service management practices. The solution offers network, database, storage, availability, performance monitoring, service request management, patch management, as well as configuration management and workload process automation. This integrated solution delivers value by facilitating the full business service management capability.
  • Performance Management: The client user can get an aggregated performance view (Cloud Panorama) of the KPIs from a cloud topology perspective with multi-tenant views, including ITAR and Non-ITAR Instances. User can identify performance issues, determine impacted users and organizations, isolate the root cause, and trigger automated repair. Real-time, real-user, and application performance management lets you manage the performance of any user, on any network path, using application and services hosted on the cloud platform (AWS and Azure).
  • Data Security and Compliance: The CBP enables continuous security for your cloud. Automated audits give compliance insights based on health checks and best practices. User can proactively identify security risks with automated compliance audits, and keep your cloud protected. With our agentless technology, you can assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in real-time to adopt a comprehensive security management for your cloud.
  • Request Fulfillment: The self-service portal of the CBP acts as a single interface for clients to order and consume catalog elements. Self-service ensures the fulfillment of the catalog of services provided to the users. This feature helps the user track and manage the service request and status. The request fulfillment will go through approval process before any resource allocation. The self-service portal gives the user the choice to select and provision the resource as needed, while alerting the user in the event of exceeding the budget allocation.

CBP Benefits

  • Comprehensive visibility into multi-cloud environments and hybrid assets
  • Automation of multi-cloud services management and delivery
  • Self-service portal of the CBP acts as a single interface for the client to order and consume catalog elements
  • Automation of audits provides compliance insights based on health checks and best practices
  • Meticulous resource utilization visibility via real-time dashboarding and reporting