Consumer Packaged Goods

When compared to the BFSI sector, CPG is a little behind in the automation adoption curve. While increased investments in supply change management systems and logistics are resulting in significant efficiency improvements, they still require a high degree of manual effort. Creation of order management and supply chain management are a few instances where human intervention and errors introduced thereby affect the efficiency of the industry. The industry also faces the challenge of tackling volume spikes and low demand during business cycles.

At LTI, our automation solutions are designed to address the challenges and boost the process efficiency of the CPG industry. Our solution for automation in CPG involves choosing the right process to automate using technologies like RPA, OCR and Cognitive Analytics.

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Typical CPG processes covered by our solution are:

  • Direct and Indirect Procurement Process
  • Invoice Posting
  • Service and Purchase order creation
  • Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)
  • Order-to-Cash (O2C)
  • Finance Master Data Management

Key Benefits:

  • Improved operational efficiency through better supply chain planning
  • Reduced turnaround time, resulting in lower cost of operations
  • Higher customer satisfaction with efficient operations