Given the prevalence of several labor-intensive processes in the banking industry, it is unsurprising that the sector has been foremost in welcoming automation solutions. The adoption of automation addresses numerous challenges faced by the industry such as driving customer acquisition and loyalty in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Automation can also eliminate the high costs incurred in front- and back-office operations, and significantly boost the efficiency and accuracy of erstwhile manual processes. Digitized regulatory and business reports can give companies the much-needed granular insight into operational and financial performance.

LTI’s automation solution for banking helps companies identify processes suitable for automation, and boost their efficiency by applying levers such as RPA, OCR and Cognitive Analytics. We also engage with our clients in a Managed Services mode to continuously improve operational efficiency and support automation environment.

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Our automation solution is covers banking functions and processes such as:

  • Retail Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Legal Operations
  • Enterprise Fraud Risk Management
  • Trade Finance and Financial Crime, using Cognitive Computing

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer experience with significantly more efficient banking processes
  • Improved analytical insights with zero errors and superior data integrity
  • Reduced manual effort, leading to lower TCO