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Reimagining Business through Agile and DevOps

Today, organizations are transforming drastically, by focusing on Digital, Cloud, IoT, and Data & Security, to bring in cost and operational efficiency, and at the same time enhance end-user experience. With frequent adoption of Agile/DevOps, the role of testing has drastically changed, and will continue to transform. With complex and dispersed siloes focus on unified processes & integrated tool chain, real-time collaboration & automation-driven development has become a challenge.

LTI’s Cloud-based Assurance Platform, enabled with ‘One Click’ test automation, is a tool & technology agnostic platform. It enables in-sprint ‘first time’ automation, bringing in efficiencies. Its plug & play solutions help clients meet their need-based objectives. The platform enables clients to build a strong testing culture through continuous testing, integration of tools, real-time collaboration, effective test environment & data management.

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    • Seamless automation through industry & LTI proprietary tools integration.
    • Script modularization & remote automation execution, with multi-trigger options for a superior user experience.
    • Support for Static Code analysis and Unit Testing.
    • Environment Management and Monitoring.
    • Real-time monitoring and notifications on mobile.
    • Intelligent Reports & Dashboards for a unified view.
    • Smart Analytics search for faster search results.
    • Usage of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, for defect analysis and prediction.
    • Log Analysis of structured, unstructured and complex multi-line applications.
    • Leverages the power of AWS/Azure.

    Key Benefits

    Achieve 30% reduction in testing cycle time through smart innovations.
  • Build compilation and deployment via Jenkins.
  • Integration with WhatsApp via ChatOps mechanism, for higher collaboration and faster troubleshooting.
  • Effort saving due to early defect prediction and detection.
  • Better planning for future releases with predictive defect data.
  • Resources