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The Digital Transformation age is compelling enterprises across the globe to release new apps / websites, with complex features, at a faster pace. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in DevOps adoption, thereby increasing the need for continuous testing. With the advent of DevOps, continuous testing is on the rise, and global enterprises are implementing it aggressively.

Continuous testing therefore acts as the key driver for next-generation DevOps QA initiatives. In a fiercely competitive landscape, it becomes difficult to balance frequent software upgrades and new feature additions, with the ability to support all platforms and accelerate time-to-market. And LTI’s PLATO helps you strike this very balance. With cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, DevOps adoption was never this easy.

PLATO is a well-knit one stop solution for end-to-end QA in DevOps/ Agile mode of delivery. It is an AI/NLP based test automation and orchestration platform with an array of CI/CD tools & automation suite to assure and automate business lifecycle. What’s more, it is integrated with our NLP-driven analytics framework, GLASSBOX, which helps in cognitive analysis of your defect data.

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  • Automates not just functionality test, but also code quality evaluation, configuration & deployment steps, E2E business validation, application performance benchmarking and cross-browser testing, thus transforming traditional QA into next generation QA.
  • Monitors progress of build live, rather than wait for manual confirmation of success or failure.
  • Interactive dashboards to track change impact.
  • Detailed execution reports, based on engagement-level metrics.
  • E2E business assurance, through AI-based test automation.
  • Automated change impact analysis.
  • Configuration & change management.
  • Orchestration of all CI/CD tools (industry/proprietary), through plug and play architecture.
  • A detailed dashboard view of your build status.
  • Environment availability check, right at the start of the build.
  • Smart provisioning, masking and selection of your test data.
  • End-to-end data assurance.
  • Business agility improvement through hyper-collaboration.


  • Enable faster & continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
  • Reduce test cycle time and testing efforts by ~50%.
  • Improve reusability of test scenarios & scripts by up to 80%.
  • Significantly reduce script maintenance efforts.
  • Reduce change management efforts.