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Application Performance & Resilience Engineering

In an ‘Always on’ world, ensuring customers can connect to business anytime, anywhere, on any device, on-premise or on cloud has become the norm. With companies continuously deploying applications, performance & resilience engineering becomes a necessity to keep business running reliably. Performance engineering ensures continuous and seamless performance of the E2E system, as well as individual applications. Resilience is systems’ ability to withstand stress and failures, recover in the mean-time possible and continue performing its core functions with minimum or no loss of data and business. Performance and resilience engineering thus help in increasing robustness of the system, ensuring fulfilment of user expectations, enabling delightful customer experiences.

LTI’s performance and resilience engineering services focus on helping customers to overcome application performance challenges, address resiliency and reliability of the developed applications through comprehensive, automated and self-serviced services. It aims to ensure reliable, responsive, resilient, scalable applications ensuring holistic customer experience. We help customers to monitor E2E business processes and application infrastructure with verifications at UI, web-service, middleware, metadata & databases with proactive monitoring and complete visibility. Our team of quality engineers and consultants provide performance validation, engineering services, and chaos engineering across waterfall/agile/DevOps methods in multiple business models.

LTI’s Application Performance and Resilience Engineering services include:

  1. Resilience strategy and assessment
  2. Performance engineering
    • Stress, volume, load testing
    • Database performance testing
    • Web/ application server performance testing
    • Environment monitoring
    • Endurance and spike testing
    • Code profiling
  3. Resilience engineering
    • Resilience through SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)
    • Resilience through advanced log analytics
  4. Resilience on-demand

LTI’s Resilience and Performance Engineering service is delivered over a proprietary platform ‘LTI Canvas Resilience’. It is a chaos engineering and continuous observability platform that:

  • proactively uncovers application infrastructure bottlenecks and outage hotspots to design more resilient and scalable systems.
  • has capability to inject infrastructure failures from inside-out of the systems like spiking CPU utilization, inducing network latencies
  • is powered by a real-time visualization engine that provides deep insights of the key performance metrics. It also enables root-cause analysis for the identified performance bottlenecks.
  • can integrate with various cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, to gather utilization metrics and auto-scale configurations.
  • enables continuous governance to measure and monitor KPI & SLO with failure prediction across business processes and infrastructure.

Key Outcomes

  • 10-15% reduction in performance engineering efforts
  • Reduction in root cause analysis and performance triage time by 60%
  • >70% reduction in effort required to ensure application resiliency
  • Zero issues attributing to reliability and resiliency failures
  • Reduces application downtime by 70%
  • Better uninterrupted user experience and faster apps with less downtime

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