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Packaged Implementation Assurance

Most companies look for new capabilities that can enhance productivity and efficiency while helping them stay relevant to their customers. Rather than incur the expense of building and maintaining custom software, companies can opt to implement packaged software and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications that are predictable and reliable. But customizing packaged applications on a large scale to fit a company’s business needs is a complex and challenging process. A comprehensive and extensive assurance strategy can help overcome these challenges by taking care of all aspects of package implementation, rollouts, and upgrades to maintain product release and product quality.

LTI’s rich experience in packaged application assurance spans COTS software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and products, new applications and technologies such as S/4HANA, Oracle Fusion, and cloud-based applications such as Salesforce and ServiceNow, among others. Our packaged application implementation assurance offerings and services are detailed below:

ERP Assurance Portfolio

  • Full suite of integrated ERP assurance services across systems, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Peoplesoft
  • Comprehensive testing strategy, domain expertise, and extensive experience in delivering ERP testing projects for global clients enables us to provide highly effective testing, achieve better quality, and reduce the cycle time
  • Domain-specific and ready-to-use business scenarios and test cases ensure the delivery of rapid results by reducing the overall testing time, cost, and risk

Packaged Applications and COTS Assurance Portfolio

  • End-to-end workflow integration testing, regression automation and maintenance, performance and security testing, Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) during implementation, rollouts, and upgrade of packages
  • Well-defined testing methodologies, templates, and metrics for measuring quality across the lifecycle
  • Tools and technology agnostic test automation framework, automation strategies, tools, and accelerators
  • Agile and DevOps transformation assurance services with a focus on maintaining continuous quality and smart collaboration

New Applications and Technologies (S/4HANA and Oracle Fusion)

  • Customized testing solutions and Proofs of Concept (POC) assuring migration and system integration
  • Ready-to-deploy automated test suites and manual test cases supported by a ‘Jump Start’ testing kit that includes guidelines, templates, and checklists
  • A team of highly skilled and certified automation testers who have rich experience in package or COTS implementation and transformation programs

Product Quality Engineering Portfolio

  • Test scenario design includes data migration, transactions and workflows, integration points, and output documents and reports
  • Solution design includes business process flows, wireframe validation, test data design such as extraction and masking rules, regression suite plan, and automation strategy and planning
  • Verification of product customizations and regression testing of the corresponding impact and changes in transactions, business rules, interface touchpoints, data migration, regulatory and compliance, and automated regression
  • Prioritized configuration testing of the product across various platforms, browsers, Operating Systems (OS), and devices
  • Validating patches, upgrades, and rollouts for conflicts and accuracy
  • UAT support with automation
  • Deployment health checks and operational acceptance testing

Key Outcomes

  • More than 60% reduction in test cycle time through the use of LTI’s test automation framework
  • Improved test coverage through ready-to-use and reusable test cases
  • Reduced testing time and effort through test automation of the package or COTS rollouts, upgrades, and implementation
  • 70% reduction in UAT efforts due to early alignment with implementation partners supported by shift-left practices
  • Establish and maintain the system and product integrity throughout the lifecycle

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