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LTI’s IoT Data Simulator and Validator (IDV)

Connected eco-systems have undergone radical development over the last few years with increasing adoption across industries. For effective implementations and better collaboration, the ecosystem development demands early visualization and real-time simulation of an end-to-end business process.

LTI’s IoT Data simulator and Validator (IDV) is a cloud-based IoT validator platform to ensure quality assurance of IoT project implementations. The platform enables the development teams working on the IoT solutions to simulate IoT endpoints and behaviors for end-to-end visualization of connected ecosystem, along with the capability of validating live IoT data. Our IDV platform can help enterprises achieve high quality of application builds which are also resilient, thereby increasing customer experience.

Highlights of LTI’s IDV Platform and Benefits to the Client

Business Outcomes

  1. 15-20% acceleration in defect-fixes and enhancements
  2. 20-25% effort reduction in testing and managing multiple projects
  3. Improved analysis and understanding of device templates and test scenarios
  4. Enables testing of range of IoT devices and environments using single platform
  5. Facilitates developing high quality of IoT applications by simulating endpoints

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