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Enterprise Assurance

With the changing expectations of end-customers and an influx of digital channels, organizations are forced to revamp their existing IT setup. The cost and faster turnaround pressure in a highly competitive environment, is leading organizations to migrate to cloud & newer technologies, adopt Agile/DevOps, and deploy packaged applications. In this complex ecosystem, ensuring comprehensive testing is a must.

LTI’s Enterprise Assurance Services practice focuses on early testing, thus enabling clients to strengthen their Business-to-IT connect and institutionalize a culture of ‘first time right’. Our Assurance Platform is a one-stop shop to meet all the enterprise assurance needs. It is a tool and technology-agonistic platform, supporting One-Click Automation, Continuous Quality in DevOps, AI-based release and defect prediction, real-time continuous mobile reporting/ notifications, and a comprehensive data & cloud assurance.

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    The Enterprise Assurance Services focuses on following key areas:

    • Unified Functional – LTI’s BA-QA model and ready-to-use business scenarios/test cases maximize end-to-end test coverage and ensure a shift-left alignment for early defect detection. Our risk-based testing approach ensures that all business-critical functionalities are tested early in the lifecycle. Our test automation strategies and proprietary solutions enable clients to meet the maximum automation coverage in a shorter time-frame.
    • Performance – LTI’s performance engineering framework enables quick and early performance benchmarks, resolution of performance issues, optimization of code, and performance tuning. Our Performance Management Center ensures continuous monitoring and performance testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance, Spike) of web-based, ERP, packaged, cloud and mobile applications. LTI’s scriptless performance management framework helps simulate websites & web pages and ensures 24X7 web page performance monitoring.
    • Security – Our certified ethical hackers (e.g. CEH, CREST) bring in rich expertise to ensure that your applications & infrastructure are secure and reliable. Our Security Assurance services include vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, source code/network architecture/ Host/OS configuration reviews and malware analysis, across web & mobile applications, infrastructure, cloud and IoT. Our pay-per-use tools help in cost savings and quick turnaround.
    • Automation Unless – At LTI, we believe in automating everything, unless it can’t be automated. Our Assurance platform ensures seamless automation across the front & back applications (UI, middleware and database). Our early automation in first sprint cycles helps in early defect detection and reduces wait times for deployment & testing.
    • Test Environment Management – LTI’s Test Environment Management services ensure that test environments are proactively managed, stable, usable and are available to deliver releases or business as usual changes. Our test environment management focuses on environment setup & maintenance (provisioning, designing, architecture, tooling, application onboarding, maintenance), environment process management (process, booking, capacity management, access & event management, governance, reporting) and environment data (data booking, provisioning, maintenance, clean-up, masking, generation).

    Key Benefits

    • Robust and reliable applications
    • More than 50% reduction in testing cycle time through LTI’s proprietary automation solutions
    • Up to 100% test coverage.
    • Faster turnaround through ready-to-use ‘Jump-start Kit’
    • Building a testing culture & improved test process maturity