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Enterprise Assurance Services

LTI’s Enterprise Assurance Services focus on early testing, thus enabling clients to strengthen their Business-to-IT connect and institutionalize a culture of ‘first time right’. We ensure meeting and exceeding all the enterprise assurance needs by leveraging our technology-agonistic platform, supporting one-click automation and ensuring continuous quality in DevOps.

Our Enterprise Assurance Service focuses on following key areas:

  • Strengthening the core
    • Setting up a custom operating model with cross-trained and cross-skilled resources.
    • Building common ‘Standard of Reference’ – Process, Tools, Frameworks.
    • Ensuring a centralized test repository and QA platform for cross leverage.
    • Framing and implementing lean and standard QA processes, with automated gating in accordance to client needs.
    • Setting up tool-based governance for ‘Single View of Quality’.
  • Lifecycle automation
    • In-sprint and multi-stack automation enabled by technology/platform-agnostic LTI Canvas Engineering (Automation Framework).
    • Deploying fit-for-purpose automation tools and strategy that is based on client application technology and architecture.
    • Extending automation across the development lifecycle (Build & Deploy, Functional, Services, Performance, Test Ecosystem & Test Data and Test Reporting).
    • Leveraging our ready-to-use business scenarios and test cases to maximize end-to-end test coverage.
    • Ensuring a shift-left alignment for early defect detection and prediction of application hotspots.
  • Ensuring resiliency by non-functional engineering
    • Setting up performance monitoring and resilience services including chaos engineering.
    • Log-analytics-based correlations and continuous governance to measure and monitor KPI & SLO.
    • Proactive site reliability engineering for failure prediction across business process and infrastructure.
  • AI-based cognitive quality
    • Providing real-time insights to influence upstream and downstream quality.
    • Early application hotspot identification and defect predictions.
    • Impact-based testing through AI-led automated correlation of SDLC assets.

Key Outcomes

  • Continuous improvement in production quality
  • Robust and reliable applications
  • Enabling business in rapid deployment for faster time-to-market
  • >50% reduction in critical path to deployment through lifecycle automation
  • Reduction in testing cycle time by 40%
  • Improving application availability to >99.99% through resiliency
  • 15-20% acceleration in defect-fixes and enhancements through AI-based analytics

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