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The Energy industry is seeing a constant shift – from increasing production to increasing productivity. Additionally, the drive for digitalization across Upstream (e.g. Digital Oil Field applications), Downstream (e.g. Laboratory Inventory Management System applications) and Midstream (e.g. Asset Management applications) verticals, aims at cost reduction and new efficiency gains. At LTI, we help clients achieve these goals through strong industry knowledge, proprietary solutions and pay-per-use licenses.

With increasing adoption of digital technologies and connected devices in the IoT world, security concerns have also raised multifold. Data derived from these multiple sources is expected to deliver the desired actionable intelligence for better prediction and prevention. For example, upstream and midstream companies are banking on improved predictive analytics for equipment to reduce the likelihood of failure of key, high value assets.

LTI Assurance Platform for the Energy industry endeavors to bring in the right domain expertise and continuously deliver testing by ‘One Click’ AI-based test automation. Our plug & play solutions for data & omni-channel, and domain assurance for upstream, midstream and downstream systems, enable up to 100% test coverage and enhance the end-user experience.
Our Security-as-a-Service model helps build customer trust and confidence, by bringing in the right expertise of certified ethical hacks.

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    • Tool and technology agnostic AI-based LTI Assurance Platform for ‘one click’ Test Automation.
    • Security-as-a-Service across Upstream, Midstream & Downstream businesses, to ensure secured applications and faster turnaround, through certified ethical hackers and pay-per-use licenses.
    • Data Assurance & Analytics to ensure data quality and smart insights across different sources, such as wells, oilfields, pipelines, refineries, distributors, etc.
    • IoT Assurance services, including integration, automation, data, performance, compliance, security, etc. for connected networks & devices.

    Key Benefits

    • Improved time-to-market by up to 40% by ‘One Click’ AI-based test automation platform.
    • Secured data, applications and infrastructure, enabling smooth operations and building the customer’s trust.
    • Effective real-time decision-making, and decrease in non-productive time with right insights from the right data.
    • Faster vulnerability identification through automated solutions and vulnerability databank.
    • Effective risk management through the centralized proprietary dashboards.

    Lines of Business



    • E2E Testing of upstream business processes, business rules and COTS applications.
    • Data Assurance and compliance solutions for digital oilfields & wells.


    • Comprehensive ERP Testing to safeguard integration points for Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing and Salesforce.
    • Data-centric Testing to test huge volumes and all integration points.


    • Data Analytics & Big Data solutions for Distribution, Refinery & Terminal Management.
    • Security & Compliance Testing on devices and distribution channels.