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Empower Decisions with Trusted Analytics with RADAR

Organizations today want to unleash the limitless benefits of Big Data and are looking to transform into analytics-driven enterprises in order to increase profitability and make business-critical decisions. Hence, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics continue to be a top priority. Quality, consistency and performance are the key, since applications interact with voluminous live data for real-time analytics.

However, many companies find it challenging to manage the data quality due to complex relationships, limited infrastructure, business rules and sensitivity of the data. The existing tools are either manual or have other limitations, and do not cover all aspects of Data Testing. LTI’s Data Assurance Platform is an integrated suite of solutions to meet all your testing needs, across Reports, Big Data, DW/BI, Data Migration, Test Data Management, and Compliance. It supports traditional (Teradata, Oracle, SQL, DB2) and big data sources (Hadoop, Hive, Imphala, MongoDB), and empowers businesses in their quest to achieve more from their big data investments.

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    • The LTI Data Assurance Platform is technology & tool-agnostic.
    • Robust Big Data Testing Process Framework for pre-Hadoop validation, Hadoop MapReduce validation, ETL validation and analytical reports validation.
    • Cloud-based Synthetic Test Data Generation, Data Masking & Data Compliance.
    • Comprehensive report testing, pixel by pixel.
    • Identification of sensitive test data in just a few seconds.
    • Ensure compliance by automatically masking the sensitive data, while maintaining data integrity and relevance.

    Key Benefits

    • Improved data coverage by up to 100%
    • Up to 25% reduction in time-to-market
    • Reduce test data generation cycle time by 60%
    • Up to 75% reusability of your test data, by monitoring test data requests and usage