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Digital consumption has increased rapidly in the last decade. As a result, digital channels have become the new face of enterprises, and one of their primary sources of monetization. It is customer experience now that dictates the attractiveness of a brand. Given its potential to create a loyal customer base, can you leave customer experience to chance?

With customer experience at the heart of any digital initiative, it is imperative to bring to your consumers an improved digital experience, replete with an intuitive sense of capturing their emotions and delivering the desired outcomes.

LTI DiCE is an AI-based testing platform, which converts unsaid user feelings & reactions into scaled readings. It enables you to build user experience during the development phase itself, and that too exactly the way your users want!

DiCE analyzes your web and mobile applications across 100+ parameters and 6 dimensions, namely discoverability, accessibility, performance, omni-channel, perception and social shareability. It conducts perception analysis (visual appeal, thinking, patience and learnability analytics), by reading the mind waves of end-users, and converts their emotions and feelings into heuristic values with Neuroscience technology.

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LTI certainly has a differentiated offering in digital testing, and in UX testin...

Dominique Raviart

IT Services Practice Director

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Chirajeet Sengupta

Everest Group


  • Digital Customer Experience Benchmarking w.r.t competition.
  • Real-time capture of user actions, engagement and click analysis.
  • Social and sentimental analytics for evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  • Helps optimize Metatags and take decisions on CDN usage.
  • Neuroscience technology to capture visual appeal, thinking & patience into scaled readings.
  • Omni-channel experience assurance across desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet & wearables.
  • Anticipates customer needs and models experience via A/B testing.


  • Anticipates customer needs before you go live with new apps / websites.
  • Provides swift insights into customer experience glitches through automatic analysis.
  • Crowdsourcing-based analysis to capture real user issues.
  • Competitive benchmarking of existing apps / websites with Call-to-Action.
  • Helps formulate customer-centric digital assurance strategy.
Discover DiCE

Discover DiCE

Measure customer experience and build a customer-centric digital assurance strategy with LTI DiCE.