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Delivery Assurance

The constant modernization of the IT landscape has led to the evolution of agile, adaptive and continuous deliveries. At LTI, we recognize these changes and have aligned our quality assurance practice to ensure continuous quality across industries, channels & technologies. Our focus is to deliver ‘More with Less’ through our lean principles & practices, enabled by our proprietary solutions, SME talent and alliances.

Our delivery assurance services provide a gamut of business-driven testing services, abreast with comprehensive approach, tools and technology. We help clients achieve continuous quality and seamless end-user experience. Our Delivery Assurance Services cover the entire value chain, from QA Advisory & Managed Testing Services, to Continuous Testing, helping our clients build a quality culture.

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    LTI’s Delivery Assurance Services practice focuses on the following key areas:

    • QA Advisory Services – LTI’s value-driven QA Advisory Services help clients transform their testing organizations, by improving testing maturity (TMMi, TMAP, TPI) & standardization testing processes/tools, and deliver excellence through continuous & specialized testing strategies in DevOps/Agile. Our advisory services are driven to build a strong QA culture across the client organization.
    • Managed Services – LTI’s QA Managed Services practice focuses on providing a one-stop shop for the clients’ testing needs, including continuous testing in DevOps/Agile, automation across portfolios, process definition, tool optimization, centralized test environment & data management, and AI-based real-time reporting & monitoring.
    • Continuous Testing in Agile and DevOps – At LTI, we have a strong focus on strategy-driven progressive automation, enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our Assurance platform is an AI-enabled plug & play solution, which is tool, platform and technology agnostic. It cuts across application layers, omni-channels and testing lifecycle, covering the entire spectrum. The platform enables seamless QA integration in agile & DevOps. It facilitates continuous testing in Agile and DevOps, focusing on functional and process automation.
    • Bundled Licensing and Services – LTI bundled licensing and services help clients utilize pay-per-use testing tool licenses for automated or non-functional testing, at a reduced cost. Our partnership with leading tool vendors helps us in quick turnaround and meeting the set timelines.
    • Tool Evaluation & Feasibility Study – We help clients identify accurate testing tools aligned to their business needs. Our vast experience across industry tools not only helps us to quickly identify and evaluate them, but to also build proprietary solutions to supplement the grey areas.
    • Commercial Models – LTI offers innovative and flexible pricing models to meet the varying needs of clients and ensure an increased outcome ownership.

    Key Benefits

    • 20-30% reduction in testing cost of ownership.
    • More than 50% reduction in testing cycle time, with LTI’s proprietary solutions/tools.
    • Cost savings and improved efficiency through tool & process optimization.
    • Up to 100% improved test coverage.
    • Building a testing culture & improved test process maturity.