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Business Process Assurance

A well-planned, strategized and integrated business process can reduce production errors, improve efficiency, enable quick adoption of new technology thereby improving business performance. Also, a superior customer experience can be achieved by validating customer journey and experience, along with testing of end-to-end business process flows.

LTI’s Business Process Assurance involves end-to-end testing across business process workflows, business rules and validations to ensure functional integrity of products/applications. It helps to check the readiness of the application from the business as well as customer’s perspective. LTI helps clients ensure that applications and services are meeting the demands of customers and key stakeholders by validating individual IT features and functions, end-to-end solutions and business interoperability. It also gives visibility into quality issues and helps identify risks.

Our Business Process Assurance services include:

Automated E2E business process and customer journey validation extending post-live

  • Identification of key business process to be validated, along with the client’s business liaisons.
  • Mapping components of business process across domains and project teams.
  • Integrating modular cross tool scripts and orchestrating using LTI Canvas Automation Framework.
  • Extensive reuse of the existing test suite for effective testing of customized features and business flows.
  • Test automation services for RPA to improve cycle time and productivity in transaction processing.
  • Leverage AI & ML capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks, faster and better.

Critical business process KPI/SLA monitoring & failure predictions

  • Early testing of critical business flows of the applications for early defect identification with importance provided to the core functionalities.
  • Finalization of the thresholds for each of the identified performance measures and finalization of the thresholds for each.

Continuous feedback between development and operations based on application usage behavior & application hotspot

  • Continuous monitoring of application usage at production to log incidents and share insights with development team to address before next release.
  • Monitoring at development lifecycle in non-production to help operations to gain insights on upcoming deployment in production.

Key Outcomes

  • >99% adherence to critical business process KPI / SLA-enabled
  • Early and faster agile and DevOps adoption
  • ~25% improvement in application performance by uncovering infrastructure bottlenecks and outages
  • Faster incident resolution due to application log analytics and correlation

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