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Assurance and Quality Engineering for Digital Transformation

The global pandemic has forced enterprises to rapidly adopt new ways of working and adjust the business models to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Organizations are preparing for such disruptions by adopting cloud at scale, bringing future technology like quantum computing, blockchain, AI, bots, 5G and edge technologies into mainstream business, enabling automation everywhere, building delightful customer experience with business process excellence.

Our comprehensive quality engineering strategy enables building an integrated connected experience across digital platforms with supporting AI-based analytics. We believe that a holistic digital customer experience can be built by expanding the focus of quality beyond the SDLC lifecycle, driven by cognitive insights.

Our key offerings to assure an enriching digital experience includes:

Cloud First

Our quality engineering approach addresses all the tenets of ‘Testing on the Cloud’, to ensure that applications are available, reliable and responsive. We have built tailored cloud assurance strategies for cloud-native applications and migration scenarios including resilience and scaling, performance validation and benchmarking across multiple geographies.


  • Our omni-platform strategy focuses on automating sprints, integrations/interfaces, performance and security requirements, and end-to-end business processes validations for ‘Total Automation’ experience.
  • To test the range of IoT devices and environments, we offer a web-based GUI console-driven and cloud-based, multi-tenant platform with project and user management capability.

Next-gen technology

  • Our neuroscience-led customer experience solution offers automated measurement of real-time user analytics across multiple touch points by reading the mind waves and converting ‘unsaid user feelings & reactions’ into scaled readings.
  • We enable impact-based testing using AI-based insights derived from across the SDLC and beyond. This helps enhance operational efficiency, lower cost of delivery and helps in achieving Productized IT.

Business process re-imagination

  • We enable E2E business process validation by building product regression suites, customer-journey testing, RPA, test automation of business scenarios and business process orchestration of test scripts across tools & technologies.
  • We bring in multiple co-innovation opportunities through IP co-creation leveraging our cloud device labs, partnerships with top technology/ tool vendors and digital experience insights and recommendations from integrated Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, helping clients in increasing their strategic hi-tech digital capabilities.

Key Outcomes

  • Capex reduction through cloud assurance strategy
  • >50% reduction in critical path to deployment through extreme automation
  • >99% adherence to critical business process KPI/SLA
  • 15-20% acceleration in defect-fixes and enhancements through AI-based analytics
  • 25% reduction in environment availability using LTI’s lab infrastructure

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