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Application Quality-as-a-Service

The rapid pace of delivery, technology dependency with reduced testing cycles and defect leakage before production leads to large-scale dynamic test environments, with multiple platforms and devices. LTI leverages on-demand quality engineering lab and crowdsourcing services to fulfill these requirements for businesses to cater testing needs that are specialized, sporadic and seasonal.

LTI’s on-demand services include flexible and varied crowdsourcing options, where a dispersed and experienced temporary workforce is onboarded, as per release schedule or skill demands. Crowdsourcing services are recommended to test software applications quickly and effectively. Software testing is executed by multiple individual testers in different locations, thus providing real-world multiplatform and usability assurance. Demographics and varied personas also lead to high coverage, motivation and consistency.

Services include

  • Functional Validation
  • Digital Channel Validation
  • Load Testing
  • Exploratory Validation
  • UI/UX Assurance Testing
  • User Analytics

LTI can help set up best-in-class Quality Engineering Lab with virtual/physical lab infrastructure for specialized services.

The lab services include

  • Shared services such as test data and environment co-ordination.
  • Specialized services such as performance engineering, mobile testing, test automation.
  • Shared test platform for supporting CI/CD pipeline, test management tools, performance testing tools.
  • Shared device platform for testing of smartphones, tablets, desktops, TVs, connected devices, wearables, AR-VR apps,.
  • R&D services for co-innovation and early next-gen technology adoption.

Our Quality Engineering Lab is powered by technology-focused partner-vendors ensuring flexibility, scalability and access to specialized skills and tools.

Key Outcomes

  • 25% reduction in environments using lab infrastructure
  • Increase in digital customer experience
  • Multi-skilled team to bring committed outside-in innovation
  • Collaborative problem solving and solution development
  • Technology base for design thinking and innovation
  • Co-innovation programs and on-going thought leadership

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