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The client is a Fortune 1000 public utility company based in the US. It is primarily into the function of energy distribution to customers.


  • Vast amount of siloed data across different business functions, which required lots of time to process and cleanse it to meet the business user’s needs.
  • Poor data insights and unavailability of right data at right time for decision making.
  • The turnaround time to load historical data to datawarehouse was several hours.
  • Overall, the data platform was not dynamically scalable to handle the concurrent data load and deliver information as per business expectations.
  • Distribution of IT costs to all concerned departments

LTI Solu­tion

  • Develop the end-state architecture and automated dataflow to ingest data from Oracle to s3 bucket onto snowflake for data discovery and insight leveraging LTI Canvas polarsled framework.
  • Use TableShift (LTI accelerators) to reduce migration time from over weeks to few days from Oracle tables and create equivalent in Snowflake.
  • Leverage Snowflake as the core data warehouse platform to fully leverage pay-as-you-go pricing, auto scaling-up and across & data sharing with customers.
  • Configure Serverless component snow pipe to read S3 events to ingest data onto stage table.

Business Benefits