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Scaling the Lubricant Business at Chevron with SAP MII

In order to maintain its competitive position in the lubricant market, Chevron set out to improve plant utilization, reduce demurrage, and secure on-time packaging and delivery of finished goods. They realized early on that connecting the operations and IT layers of all its multi-vintage plants was an essential, foundational step towards modernization and digitization.

Chevron, along with its partner LTI, rolled out SAP MII across all its international plants to give themselves a competitive edge in the market. In this session, Chevron and LTI will discuss this transformational journey that helped them retain their superior market position through improved visibility and increased efficiencies across their value chain.

Key takeaways:

Building connections between factory and enterprise and enabling production personnel are critical to cost effective delivery and market leadership.
Integrating the real-time plant floor with the enterprise poses formidable challenges.
Lack of integrated manufacturing, quality, and compliance in a single solution impacts ability to consistently deliver quality products.

Meet the Speakers

Ajay Aswale

Ajay Aswale

Principal Architect - Chevron

25+ years of experience in O& G industry

Responsible for Architecture, Design and execution of strategic IT initiatives in Maintenance & Inspection

Kannan S

Kannan S

Principal Director - LTI

35+ years of experience in O&G industry and SAP

Responsible for solutions supporting Digital transformation