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As a Services Partner offering transformational business-enabling SAP solutions, we at LTI are eager to connect with you – the community that uses SAP every day!


Do visit us at Booth #847 for stimulating and insightful discussions with our experts around:

LTI’s Innovative SAP Solutions


Online Transformer Monitoring & Diagnostics Solution

LTI’s proprietary solution “XmerIOT” built on SAP’s Leonardo IoT platform for Intelligent Asset & Safety Management. It is a state-of-the-art solution leveraging SAP Cloud Platform, that collects critical data of any “Distribution Transformer” to enable precise and accurate diagnosis and take immediate proactive measures.

LTI’s EC&O Industry Solution

Preconfigured Industry Solution co-developed with SAP for Seamless Field Operations

LTI has blended its deep industry expertise with S/4HANA & SAP Cloud Innovation capabilities to create an enterprise solution enabling Engineering & Construction enterprises to make core ‘Project Execution & Tracking’ processes more Agile, Productive & Intelligent.

Financial Compliance for Lease (FCL)

Pre-configured Solution for Lease Administration Accounting & Reporting

LTI’s end-to-end solution leveraging the power of S/4HANA and SAP Cloud platform to manage compliance reporting, lease contracts for all assets and maintain all terms and conditions at one place as per IFRS 16 and ASC 842 Compliance.

Speaker Session


Digital leverage for Enhanced Field Productivity, Agility & Seamless Field Operations

Rajesh Inamdar
Practice Head,
SAP Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Date & Time
Tuesday, 5th June 2018
12:00 EST

Meet Our Experts at Booth # 847

Vineet Moroney
Global Head, SAP Practice


Naushad Khambhawala
Head, SAP Business Development

Lokesh Maurya
Head, SAP Solutions and Center of Excellence

Rajesh Inamdar
Practice Head, SAP Manufacturing & Supply Chain

LTI’s Key Offerings

  • BEACon Framework
  • Mosaic Profiler
  • Preconfigured Solutions

  • Mosaic Smart Analyser
  • SPARK Framework
  • FIORI Builder

  • Mosaic Cognitive Assist
  • Mosaic Diagnostic Suite
  • Mosaic Service Pattern Discovery

  • Mosaic HANA Migrate Suite
  • Migration Assistant Tool
SAP Solution Videos

SAP Solution Videos

Digital EC&O Solution

SAP Solution Videos

SAP Solution Videos

FCL Solution

SAP Solution Videos

SAP Solution Videos

InOVET (Inventory Optimization Value Engineering Tool)


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