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Redefining Sales Experience Using Real-time Analytics

The pace of change in today’s Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry continues to accelerate – with the landscape already looking dramatically different, thanks to a wide array of consumer delivery choices, changing consumer behavior, multiple sources of content, and an increased business complexity in general.

With the rise of OTT consumers, companies are facing challenges in attracting and retaining viewers with the right content, improving content discovery for users and enabling multi-device viewing capability.

LTI will partner with you to help you in:

  • Integrated outlook – 360° view of fans / consumers / viewers / content.
  • Content Monetizing – by targeted advertisements, merchandize sales, strategic ad placement etc.
  • OTT Analytics – Content acquisitions/owned, recommendations, reach, audience profiling etc.
  • Revenue Prediction – Forecast box office collections movie Pre-Production and Post-Production decisions
  • Amplify Sales Productivity with Intuitive Chat Conversations
  • Catering to your custom, evolving analytics needs across business units – Advanced analytics platform.

Why choose LTI for your Analytics track?

We help you by:

  • Empowering sales executives to spend 30% less time waiting for the requested information.
  • Easy, intuitive and fast query resolution, using natural language interface, resulting in quick decision-making.
  • 24×7 Information availability, on-the-go.
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