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Enterprises around the globe collect and rely on personal data of their customers for a number of purposes, be it providing a certain service or for profiling. However, there is a tremendous increase in the number of data thefts over the last few years. To curb these data breaches, regulatory authorities across the world are applying more stringent and complex data privacy regulations. Enterprises are required to understand these regulatory demands, review their current privacy programs, and make the necessary changes to abide by the current and upcoming laws.

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LTI Privacy SmartHub

LTI Privacy SmartHub is a flexible and scalable domain-led digital offering, which offers advanced solutions to address data privacy regulations across the globe.

Data Privacy Assessment

Discover, classify, and label structured and unstructured data on cloud and on premise using LTI’s PrivateEye. Identify gaps across People, Process, Technology, and Data via ready-to-use business process maps, assessment toolkit, domain and country specific checklists.

Data Loss Prevention

Remediate the gaps using LTI Cybersecurity Defence Resiliency Centre; apply encryption techniques such as pseudonymization, anonymization to secure the data at rest, in transit, and archived.



Consumer Rights Management

Create and manage golden records to address consumer rights within stipulated SLAs and maintain traceability for audit; integrated with Chatbot, and ticketing systems such as ServiceNow and Remedy.


Data Minimization

Consolidate data from varied data sources into a data warehouse / Big Data lake; archive, delete, or retain data by applying geography specific policies triggered by pre-defined events or rules.

Data Operations

Establish data lineage between upstream and downstream applications; conduct periodic health monitoring scans; get a unified view of the key governance areas developed for the Risk and Compliance office.


Solution Accelerators

What makes LTI’s Privacy offering stand out?

Automation Assisted DPIA – Identify where the sensitive data resides in your RDBMS, Cloud, file systems, compressed file formats, office document formats, etc., in weeks, using LTI’s solutions for sensitive data discovery, classification, lineage & labeling.

Rapid Implementation – Fast-track your implementation, centrally manage data subject consent and rights, and trace audit trail, by using LTI’s DSRM.

Intelligent Reporting – Get a unified view of all key governance areas via a centralized and intuitive dashboard for automatic and assisted data protection. Through our perceptive solution, we deliver analytical insights, breach monitoring & neutralization and alerts & notification.


Partnerships – We partner with leading Consulting, Legal and Technology firms, to deliver optimum value to our clients.

Nelson Hall GDPR Service Assessment, NEAT – 2018

LTI Privacy Services by Mike Smart - Senior Analyst, NelsonHall

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