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Operate, To Transform

Though traditionally considered a back-office function and a cost centre, we have started seeing Operations through a new lens and believe it to be the engine for creating a lot more value than just keeping the lights on. Application of the digital levers of Analytics, AI, Automation and Experience enables us to look at Operations as a treasure trove of insight.

We, at LTI, have shifted gears from treating Operations as a ‘big spend’ in running any business or function (it traditionally constitutes 40-70% of the ongoing spend) to seeing it as a platform to transform enterprises in their breakaway journeys. With our deep understanding of the evolving and emerging needs of the breakaway enterprise, we see a distinct opportunity to repivot Operations from a ‘keep the business running function’ to ‘keep the business transforming function’. Our Mosaic automation platform is a sophisticated toolset to deliver to this new opportunity, thus augmenting the LTI strategic core designed to steer the transformation of breakaway organizations. Powered by our 4D model (Do Fast, Do Less, Do More, Do Better), the O2T (Operate to Transform) delivers operations and business transformation across the four key dimensions of Operations, Landscape, Business Process KPIs and End-User Personas for our customers.

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