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Build industrialized application and processes on cloud with a suite of IIoT solutions

Learn how LTI, a Launch Partner for AWS IoT SiteWise Edge and an Innovator in Avasant’s IoT Services RadarView™ Report 2021 successfully delivers smart manufacturing, connected product and intelligent enterprise solutions that transform businesses.

LTI Palette powered by AWS
LTI Palette is a gamut of solutions powered by AWS IoT technology stack. It efficiently collects machine data across systems and stores it in industrial datalakes helping you to democratize and analyze the data to extract actionable insights.

  • Opera Water: Enables operational efficiency in water treatment plants by providing the ability to reliably supply water to distribution network
  • AWS Smart Energy: Provides real-time view of energy consumption across plant infrastructure using smart energy meters and insights on efficiency
  • AWS Worker Safety: Ensures safe operations by detecting human personnel movement in secure areas, by integrating with the existing IP cameras for surveillance with necessary alerts
  • Digital Command Center: An intelligent manufacturing solution with edge analytics, coupled with AI for delivering actionable insights, by integrating data from the shop-floor systems, to help supervisors make data-driven decisions
  • Quality Inspection: Automated quality inspection with integration of optical configuration and machine learning models to make decision on-the-go