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LTI Canvas: Managing Successful Remote Transitions

With hybrid work environment gaining quick traction, we have designed LTI Canvas – a software engineering platform that aims to address critical need of enabling work from anywhere. LTI’s Archana Joshi, Head – Transformation Practice, explains how Canvas drives impactful interventions and enables remote transitions successfully.

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LTI Canvas: Managing Successful Remote TransitionsArchana Joshi
"xFH"  - LTI Design for Thriving in WFH Future

Working in an office has been prevalent since Roman times. ‘Officium’ was at the heart of every town. Since the 1700s, we have seen grand buildings built to house office workers and the evolution of different types of office design – Open plan, Bürolandschaft, Action office, Cube farm, Hotdesking, shared workspaces, and majestic creations like the Googleplex and the Apple Infinite Loop. Companies have connected their global office locations for seamless working across the world.

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"xFH" - LTI Design for Thriving in WFH FutureSiddharth Bohra
Achieving Healthcare Transformation with IT Innovation

Healthcare Industry has faced continued pressure to perform distinctively in a constantly changing landscape. Moreover, the situation has become increasingly challenging due to the outbreak of COVID-19 today. LTI’s Vijai SR, AVP – Leader for Insurance, Consulting and Transformation Practice, explains how healthcare transformation can still be achieved leveraging new-age technologies.

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Achieving Healthcare Transformation with IT InnovationVijai S Raghunathan
Take Quantum Leaps in Business Transformation

With a mindset of an Innovator, LTI’s Mosaic team helps organizations to undertake quantum leaps in their business transformation journey and brings an insights-driven approach to decision-making. Hear them discuss the different dimensions of Mosaic and how it can contribute to your success story.

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Take Quantum Leaps in Business TransformationLTI Mosaic Team
Infusing AI in Enterprise Operations

Knowledge-led automation through an adoption of Artificial Intelligence is enabling breakaway Enterprise Transformation today. Our Mosaic team talks about how their new-age product offerings in this space are delivering IT and Business Transformation in a truly data-driven way.

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Infusing AI in Enterprise OperationsLTI Mosaic Team
Embracing Bots during Social Distancing

The recent pandemic has been a real eyeopener for businesses all around the world spanning all industries. It has compelled organizations to look at Intelligent Automation in a different light altogether to save the day. Swapnil Pitale, Global Practice Head – Intelligent Automation Practice at LTI, explains how embracing bots is the only best thing during this time of social distancing.

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Embracing Bots during Social DistancingSwapnil Pitale
Demystifying Chaos Engineering

Known as a powerful practice that is transforming how the software is designed and engineered at some of the large-scale operations in the world, Chaos Engineering is likely to shake the status quo. LTI’s Archana Joshi, Head – Transformation Practice, gets down to the roots of this concept.

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Demystifying Chaos EngineeringArchana Joshi
Design Thinking: Driving Innovation by Transforming  Enterprises at the Core

A breakaway enterprise designs experiences that are human-centric, imagination-led and stimulate sensory impressions. Nayna Raut, Head of Design Practice at LTI, defines how organizations can design for the future.

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Design Thinking: Driving Innovation by Transforming Enterprises at the CoreNayna Raut
Can Reducing Technical Debt Speed up Digital Transformation?

In today’s fast-moving business environment, technical debt has become a reality for many enterprises. Although not inherently harmful, this debt can cause problems in the long-term. Sunil Agrawal, Chief Architect, Head of Enterprise Architecture Group at LTI, explains why and how to monitor technical debt in your modernization and transformation journey.

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Can Reducing Technical Debt Speed up Digital Transformation?Sunil Agrawal
Accelerating Industry 4.0 & Business Transformation

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Anil Pandey, AVP & Head – IoT Solutions, LTI – talks about how Industry 4.0 is playing a pivotal role in transforming business and fostering innovation in the IoT and IIoT space.

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Accelerating Industry 4.0 & Business TransformationAnil Pandey
Building a Culture of Automation

Since invention, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has continued to evolve, and the outcomes are evident. Swapnil Pitale, Global Practice Head – Intelligent RPA & Cognitive at LTI shares his views on how to build a culture of Automation within your organization.

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Building a Culture of AutomationSwapnil Pitale
Tapping into the Power of Humanlytics

In an interesting conversation with Soumendra Mohanty – An acclaimed thought leader and subject matter expert the field of AI, Analytics, Data Science and Automation, we learn how far can technologies like AI and Analytics go, and why “human-in-the-loop” is so important.

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Tapping into the Power of HumanlyticsSoumendra Mohanty
Reborn in Cloud

LTI CIO Kamal Shah explains how the organization has upgraded itself from its traditional cloud setup to adopt the latest, fast, agile and secure cloud offerings that set a breakaway enterprise apart.

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Reborn in CloudKamal Shah
Hitting fast-forward on Data Privacy

Is adopting responsible data practices and managing sensitivities around the privacy aspect – the only sustainable option for the enterprises? LTI’s Brijesh Prabhakar – VP (Ways of Working – Platforms), explains why data security is a top concern today.

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Hitting fast-forward on Data PrivacyBrijesh Prabhakar
Leni, the first virtual analyst

Another unique offering by LTI – Leni, the world’s first virtual analyst! LTI’s Satyakam (Satty) Mohanty tells us the story of Leni’s origin, and the capabilities that make it a gamechanger!

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Leni, the first virtual analystSatyakam Mohanty
Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning has the ability to completely transform how industries operate. LTI’s Subhash Bhaskaran takes you on an interesting tech-tour in the world of machine-learning.

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Reinforcement LearningSubhash Bhaskaran
Augmented Reality

LTI’s Karan Balkar- Team Lead, Mobility, helps you understand how Augmented Reality can be brought to the mainstream, and how can we unlock its true potential.

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Augmented RealityKaran Balkar
AI-driven Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence is set to rule everything around us today. But is there a scope for businesses to exploit more opportunities with AI? LTI’s Soumendra Mohanty, an acclaimed thought leader and SME in Analytics, IoT, AI, Cognitive and Automation space, talks about the possibilities.

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AI-driven Decision MakingSoumendra Mohanty

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