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Oracle Documaker

Today, many clients, in highly regulated service industries such as Insurance, use Legacy IT systems like Documerge, Calligo, MS Word, Sefas, CSF or Jet Forms, to produce & process customer documentation.

Key Challenges

The fear of product vendor phasing out the support for legacy applications

Limited scope for Automation & Digitization

Impacted business, Time & Cost-to-Market

Heavy maintenance costs

Lack of IT Expertise & Time

Complex legacy IT system orchestration

Operationals silos

Limited support to the changing operating systems

These challenges have forced a majority of clients to explore and evaluate their migration strategies to the Oracle Documaker solution to enable a simplified & modernized customer communication management landscape, thus ensuring a rich digital experience for their customers. At LTI, we understand this need, and deliver robust services to ensure a smooth transition to Oracle Documaker. How do we make this possible? Read on to find out just how!

The LTI Edge

LTI, with its vast domain experience, scalability, and expertise in the Oracle Documaker family of solutions, helps its clients ensure a smooth transition to Documaker.

We understand that migration to Documaker from legacy portends a huge risk and business impact. At LTI, we enable clients to reduce such risks by leveraging our strong partnership with DocVentive, and bring industry-leading expertise to enterprise-scale document automation solutions. At the same time, we also ensure accelerated transformation with our state-of-the-art Mosaic Automation platform. Through our tools and accelerators, we help our clients achieve automation of key resource-intensive form conversion tasks, thus resulting in lower cost of conversion and accelerated delivery time.

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