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September 2017

LTI recently launched its Accounts Receivable Analytics suite – LTI REDaxis with P&G as one of its initial clients. Our press release below talks about the key features and benefits of LTI REDaxis and also what P&G likes about it. GDPR compliance is now less than a year away. Manoj Shikarkhane, EVP & Global Head, Software Engineering Group at LTI answers key questions on GDPR compliance. Did you know LTI’s iDiscover tool can assess GDPR readiness in 4-6 weeks? Up next, LTI expanded it’s partner ecosystem in Australia with Enov8 as our latest partner down under. We end this month with an interesting blog from Deb-san in Japan as he talks about IoT analytics for Manufacturing companies. Let’s roll...

LTI Introduces Accounts Receivable Analytics Suite for Retail & CPG Enterprises

LTI launched one of its powerful, persona-based Analytics suite – LTI REDaxis, with P&G as one of our first clients. LTI REDaxis optimizes Accounts Receivable (AR) Operations for Retail & CPG companies. It leverages analytics and machine learning to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by up to 10% and decrease Unearned Cash Discounts (UCD) by as much as 25%, thus, delivering exponential savings to clients.

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Key GDPR Challenges – Are You Ready for the Compliance journey?

European Union’s GDPR will come into effect in less than a year and it’s time for reality check for companies dealing with personal data of customers. Manoj Shikarkhane, EVP and Global Head, Software Engineering Group at LTI, shares his thoughts on the key challenges around GDPR compliance and answers some relevant questions while undertaking this journey.

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LTI & Enov8 collaborate to drive breakthrough innovation in Automation

Enov8, one of the foremost IT and Test Environment Management company enters into a new strategic partnership with LTI. The partnership will leverage the Enov8 Environment Management platform and LTI’s deep domain competence and global experience, to deliver, end-to-end visibility, transparency and governance across an organization’s IT environments.

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IoT Analytics – A boon for Manufacturing Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics are bringing innovation to the manufacturing industry by improving interoperability across a large set of assets, and linking machines, products, computers and analytical resources into one ecosystem. Debendra Mohanta, Area Vice President & Country Head-Japan at LTI, shares his understanding on how IoT data along with analytics will provide a 360-degree view of operations and significant growth opportunity for manufacturing companies.

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