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March 2018

Everest Group recently published its Service Provider of the Year 2018 report – an annual ranking based on provider performance in all of its PEAK Matrix™ throughout the year. LTI has not only improved its position among the Top 20 IT Service Providers, we are also ranked #1 among the Challengers – companies under $2 Bn in revenue. Also featured is Novarica’s IT Services Providers for Insurers 2018 report, where LTI is rated among the Leaders, showcasing our Insurance domain expertise. Next up, we present an insightful blog by Rajesh Gharpure about how Oil and Gas companies can leverage digital technologies. We end this month with a video update from the CIO Roundtable we co-hosted with Brainstorm magazine in South Africa.

LTI Tops the 'Challengers' List in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™ Service Provider of the Year 2018 Report

LTI has been recognized as the leader in 'Challenger' category of the Everest Group PEAK MatrixTM Service Provider of the Year 2018 report. The Challengers are the Top 10 service providers with annual revenue under $2 billion establishing themselves as credible alternative by focusing on specific solution segments, geographies, and/or industries.

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LTI a Leader in Two Categories of Novarica Market Navigator™: IT Services Providers for Insurers 2018 Report

Novarica Market Navigator: IT Services Providers for Insurers Report has ranked LTI as one of the top players in Property & Casualty (P/C) and Life & Annuities (L/A) categories. The report analyzed the capabilities of 41 major IT services providers for North American insurers, with a focus on their experience levels in key functional areas.

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Digital Fuelling in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas companies are increasingly focusing on optimizing value delivered to their stakeholders, through investments in technology and resources. Rajesh Gharpure, Delivery Head - Americas, Energy & Manufacturing at LTI shares his knowledge on how digital technologies are set to leverage large quantities of data for better visibility into operations for real-time & informed decision-making and improved efficiency for Oil & companies.

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Automation drives transformation in South Africa

Watch this interesting video on Robotics and Business Process Automation (BPA) from the CIO Roundtable discussion co-hosted with Brainstorm magazine in Johannesburg, South Africa. Participants have shared their key insights on BPA, how this transformation impacts different industries, and employees in terms of skill development.

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