Qlik Qonnections 2017

May 15-18, 2017

Qlik Qonnections 2017

Qlik Qonnections is a premier BI event, which brings data enthusiasts together to share insights, learn and network. This four-day event hosted by Qlik, focuses on providing customers and partners with the knowledge and best practices they need to transform their business.

LTI is a Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor at Qlik Qonnections 2017. At the event, we will showcase Mosaic Decisions, our Analytics-as-a-Service platform, which helps organizations undertake quantum leaps in business transformation, and accelerates insights-driven organization maturity, by leveraging LTI’s pre-built solutions and accelerators. Also witness and learn about our key offerings and solutions across the spectrum of Big Data, Business Intelligence Modernization and Analytics. Please visit booth #1101 to hear our experts give meaningful insights into our clients’ exceptional experiences, along with a snapshot on some of our successful transformation journeys.

The breakout session this year will host LTI’s Business Head – Analytics, Bharati Lele, where she will talk about the imperatives of BI Modernization, and the different ways in which organizations can realize its benefits.

Session Details
Topic: How to save 70% on your BI Tool Modernization Efforts
Date: May 17, 2017
Time: 10:30 am – 11:00 am EDT
LTI Speaker: Bharati Lele, Business Head – Analytics, BFSI

Session Description: In this session, Bharati will illustrate how extreme automation can be leveraged to modernize an organization’s existing BI investments to Qlik product suite. In spite of multiple benefits (such as increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, reduced manual work, and quicker turnaround time) that BI standardization offers, such efforts have traditionally involved high up-front conversion costs (to rip and replace current BI tools), thus reducing the ROI. LTI’s solution, RKonvert®, provides a suite of tools, assisting organizations in automated BI tools conversion, by managing the complete conversion lifecycle; including current state assessment, conversion strategy definition, migration, and post migration review & testing. This results in ~70% effort savings and >50% cost savings vs. the traditional conversion techniques.

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