LTI positioned as a “Leader” for GDPR Services in NelsonHall NEAT 2018

Mike Smart, Senior IT Services Analyst at NelsonHall, said of LTI’s achievement, “LTI was positioned as a leader in NelsonHall’s GDPR NEAT evaluation due to its strong and continuing investments in people, tools, and technology in support of GDPR compliance. Tools such as iDiscover and DSRM allow LTI’s GDPR consultants to effectively detect and manage personal data on behalf of clients.”

NelsonHall, a global independent research analyst firm, has positioned LTI as a Leader for GDPR Services in the Overall segment, in its latest NEAT report 2018. The report analyzed the GDPR offerings of nine global vendors, across different focus areas – Consulting, Implementation and Ongoing Management.

LTI’s GDPR journey began in December 2016, and since then, the organization has consistently built and delivered industry-leading capabilities to support clients in their quest to be GDPR-compliant. An overall focused approach toward creating a GDPR-ready ecosystem, courtesy its unique iDiscover and Data Subject Rights Management (DSRM) tools, has ensured that LTI as a GDPR partner adds optimum value, and is inclined to deliver end-to-end support to its client organizations. This capability is indeed a unique trait for any organization, currently active in providing GDPR services to clients globally. The iDiscover and DSRM tools, among others, form the core of LTI’s GDPR expertise, and strengthen the organization’s already burgeoning services portfolio.

LTI’s GDPR Expertise Highlights

  • LTI iDiscover – An automated solution, which identifies sensitive fields (PII, PCI, and PHI) in structured (databases), semi-structured (log, xml, etc.), and unstructured (word, pdf, images) file formats, both on-premise and on cloud (Gmail, Google Drive, Office 365, etc.). It leads to time and cost savings, by as much as 80%, when performing assessments.
  • LTI DSRM (Data Subject Rights Management) – An automated solution to centrally manage data subject rights by creating a central hub, which will store pointers to the applications that source the corresponding sensitive data. DSRM can be configured to alert / notify the captured rights to all applications, take the necessary action, and report the status to the data subjects.
  • LTI boasts strong growth within its GDPR offerings, primarily with the growth of its toolsets and delivery network, with the number of supporting FTEs growing by ~200 in Q1 2018.
  • LTI is constantly evolving its GDPR offerings by means of innovative methods such as 24-Hour Compliance Assessment, wherein LTI performs a litmus test of an organization’s GDPR readiness, and gives a maturity report to help validate its assessment and implementation strategy; and DPO Dashboards & Insights, which provide a unified view of the key governance areas for the Risk & Compliance Office and roll out, as part of the GDPR operations, etc.

NelsonHall’s GDPR Services report, is a comprehensive market assessment report, targeted toward sourcing managers investigating sourcing developments within the GDPR outsourcing market. The report is also addressed to vendor marketing, sales, and business managers developing strategies to target ITO service opportunities within the GDPR compliance. Financial analysts and investors specializing in the IT services sector, including IT security services, also garner insights through this report.

LTI’s positioning in the “Leader” category, is testimony to the organization’s already growing expertise and reach in the global GDPR space.

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