Digital Edge Insights with LTI, The CIO Roundtable

Aug 29 & 31, 2017

Venue: Syd & Mel, AUS

LTI is hosting an exclusive by-invitation only Roundtable discussion for 24 top-notch CIOs, in Sydney and Melbourne, on August 29 & 31, 2017, respectively.

This roundtable will focus on one pertinent question that enterprises want answered fast, ‘How do you achieve 10x Digital Differentiation?’ Discussions will revolve around how you can lead your organisation through this exciting and challenging time.

As digital transformation gathers pace across industries, it is no longer enough to keep up with other transforming businesses. Today, you need to deploy Digital to set your business apart from your competitors. Leaders in virtually every industry sector now understand how much digitalisation transforms their business models, their competitive landscape and their enterprise as a whole. Indeed, the demands of digitalisation force leaders to disrupt their current business processes to achieve 10x growth.

The discussion will be moderated by Hanno Blankenstein, CEO & Founder – Unleash Live. He is Advisor to the Board of the World Economic Forum on IoT and Technology. Hanno is an experienced entrepreneur, product & service innovator, business builder and strategy consultant.

LTI’s Soumendra Mohanty, EVP and Global Head – Cognitive & Analytics, will be an active member of this panel discussion. Soumendra is an acclaimed thought leader and SME in Analytics, IoT, AI Cognitive and Automation space.

With such initiatives, LTI is well on its way to accelerate the digital transformation journey for its clients’ businesses.

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