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LTI ’s Infinity is a unified multi-cloud platform with a technology-led suite of modern engineering tools and processes for Cloud Lifecycle Assessment, Migration, and Governance. Its plug-n-play capabilities allow integration with heterogenous tools available in the client ecosystem.

LTI Infinity platform promises to bring in revolutionary shifts in the cloud transformation journey by leveraging its best-in-class solution-focused efficiency kits.

  • Assessment Kit: Enabling faster app, infra, data, security, and integration assessment for cloud migration & TCO
  • Engineering Kit: Accelerating software development, management & support for enhanced security, resiliency, connectivity, and collaboration
  • Governance Kit: Presenting elevated insights on cost, policies, security, and compliance for comprehensive cloud management and governance
  • Migration Kit: Fast Factory model based on comprehensive migration approach to assess and migrate at scale
  • Cognitive Kit: Powering self-service capabilities, data-driven intelligence and AI-enabled recommendations and insights
  • Observability Kit: Providing complete visibility across the cloud lifecycle using telemetry data with centralized dashboard reporting