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Know the need, types, and best practices for setting up a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) that align cloud offerings with the organizational strategies for effective cloud transformation

Part 1: What is CCoE?
Cloud has taken over modern-day businesses with infinite computing, scalability, and flexibility. And organizations need to emphasize strongly on strategic planning and migration more than ever to be successful in their cloud journey. Going forward, enterprises need to focus on cloud operational excellence, thus driving them to establish a dedicated centralized Cloud Centrer of Excellence (CCoE). Through this four4-part series, we have deep-dived into what, wWho, how, and when of a Cloud Center of Excellence. Learn more in detail about what Cloud Center of Excellence is in this document.

Part 2: How to Position your CCOE?

A CCoE is a team of experts whose objective is to provide organizations with guidance and governance around cloud systems. The previous blog gave us insights on what CCoE is and why is it important for a successful cloud adoption Now, let’s look at the factors that influence an effective CCoE set-up, key components required to form a CCoE, and how organizations should curate them.

Part 3: How to Structure your CCOE?

Cloud CoEs focus on technology, concepts, and skills required to gain the right structure and expertise within enterprises and establish matured cloud-centric operations for businesses.
Continuing our CCoE-as-a-Service series, this blog illustrates how organizations can structure CCoE from conceptualization to achieving excellence from their setup.

Part 4: How We Ushered a CCoE for a Top FinServ?

In the previous three blogs of this CCoE series, we have extensively looked at what a CCoE is, why organizations need it, the factors influencing an effective CCoE set up and where can organizations instrument them. To sum things up, we would like to illustrate an example where we helped a leading name in the finance industry set up a CCoE to aid their cloud transformation.

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