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With growing dependence on data, global enterprises need to be better at data discovery, agile analytics, and ability to process large datasets. Self-service capabilities for AI and advanced analytics will be the next wave of disruption in the marketplace. Enterprise performance is correlated to its investments in making data and insights easily accessible to its employees, making it a high priority initiative.

An HFS Research report cites how LTI has recognized this trend and acquired new capabilities in helping clients move faster in their transformation agenda through the purchase of Lymbyc, a specialist AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics company based in Bangalore, India.

The core of Lymbyc’s capabilities are centred around a proprietary product, Leni, which solves for the entire spectrum of descriptive to predictive business insights, leveraging deep learning, Natural Language Processing, data visualization and predictive analytics. Leni is a virtual analyst that allows users to conversationally access information and insights.

HFS sees this acquisition as part of a larger trend to introduce more AutoML (automated machine learning) into AI and automation platforms and environments to make decision sciences more accessible to business.

Download HFS Research PoV Report ‘Meet Leni – Lymbyc’s AI Analyst that can learn any domain’ to learn more.

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