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In a digitally connected world, enterprise applications need to be flexible and scalable to meet the demands of a dynamically changing business environment. The need for agility, speed and cost reduction, make the on-premise infrastructure sized for peak demand option economically unviable. Therefore, cloud is now a compelling choice for organizations looking to optimize their SAP® workloads. This trend is supported by Gartner’s prediction of 80% of enterprises no longer using traditional data centers by 2025. As organizations are understanding the value of cloud vs. on-premise, an ever increasing number plans to deploy SAP S/4HANA in the cloud.

This whitepaper details the key growth drivers for moving SAP to the cloud as found in an independent research commissioned by LTI and conducted by Gatepoint Research. It also describes why SAP on AWS – trusted by over 5,000+ organizations to modernize and transform their SAP landscapes is a compelling value proposition for enterprises. In conclusion, the whitepaper describes some common mistakes and possible solutions to ensure a smooth migration to AWS.

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