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Everest Group® Research, a global management consulting and research firm, has positioned LTI as a “Leader” in the Insurance Business Model Innovation Enablement Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 – Pathways to Drive Competitive Advantage Amidst Uncertainties.

Today, insurers are facing a mix of challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has impelled them to redefine their operating models and bring innovation as they work towards future resiliency and agility. This report provides a detailed overview of how 16 leading IT service providers are helping their insurer clients fuse their business-led transformation and IT-led modernization journeys to implement business model innovation. This has helped them achieve amplified outcomes and improve customer experience.

Experts Views:

“The rise of the sharing economy, rapidly evolving customer demands, the changing nature of risks, and extreme COVID-19-caused shifts have prompted carriers to institute new business models. Insurers are re-envisioning their products, services, pricing, and channel strategies to become more resilient to disruptions and are exploring ways to drive competitive advantage,” according to Aaditya Jain, Practice Director, Everest Group. “A value proposition centered on promoting a solution-driven transformation strategy for insurers to drive business model innovation, credible proof points in enabling coverage and pricing innovation for insurers, and positive market feedback on business acumen and flexibility have helped LTI earn a Leader recognition on Everest Group’s inaugural Insurance Business Model Innovation Enablement Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021.”

“Breakaway insurers, who have been investing in innovating their business models and digital capabilities, are emerging stronger from these unprecedented times. We are proud to be a transformational partner for many of such breakaway insurers across the industry. Our recognition as a leader in Everest PEAK matrix is a testimonial of our client’s resiliency, passionate customer centricity and unwavering trust in LTI’s abilities”
Anil Vazirani, Chief Business Officer, Insurance and Healthcare, LTI

Highlights of LTI’s strengths:

  • Demonstrated success proof points in enabling coverage and pricing innovation for insurance carriers.
  • Value proposition centered around promoting a solution-driven transformations strategy for insurance business model innovation has contributed to LTI’s market success in this space.
  • Meaningful investments to drive a robust partnership ecosystem across core and horizontal platforms and third-party providers and targeted acquisitions focus have helped LTI strengthen its market standing

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