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LTI partners with GSEZ – Powering the breakaway Enterprise in Digital solution for sustainability – featured in ISG’s Global Digital Excellence: 25 Winning Partnerships Book

Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has announced the 25 best examples of digital transformation to be published in its forthcoming book, Digital Excellence: 25 Winning Partnerships. The second edition of its digital case study e-book will feature the global top 25 case studies of the most impactful and innovative digital transformations, from technology and service providers worldwide.

ISG obtained direct customer feedback to verify each provider’s claims, in addition to evaluating each case study based on its uniqueness, complexity, impact and the provider’s commitment and confidence in the success of its clients, demonstrated through high flexibility, collaboration, investments, and commercial innovations.

This book features how LTI, along with GSEZ- a joint venture between Olam, the Republic of Gabon and Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), is digitizing sustainable forestry operations in Gabon through IoT solutions. GSEZ is one of the most reputed organizations in Africa that does business in multiple segments and contributes to the development of the society. GSEZ has taken various initiatives to bridge the gap between legality and traceability through digitization.

Known as the largest timber producer in Gabon, GSEZ and LTI partnered in a digital program to prepare a blueprint and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is not only transforming experiences in agribusiness, but also preventing revenue loss, artificial price suppression, biodiversity loss, and climate change. Teams from GSEZ and LTI spent more than three months in Gabonese forests to study licensing, logging and the entire supply chain. They consulted scientists, forestry experts, flora and fauna specialist, and government officials to identify the potential loopholes that allowed unauthorized participants to exploit the system. The exercise helped LTI form the genesis for designing the digital Log Traceability Solution to meet GSEZ’s expectations.

GSEZ partnered with LTI in this innovative initiative and successfully designed a solution blueprint to prevent revenue loss, artificial price suppression, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

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