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LTI is a Platinum Sponsor at ISG 2020 TechXchange

LTI is a Platinum Sponsor at ISG 2020 TechXchange. The TechXchange brings together industry and technology professionals, thought leaders, innovators and pioneers from financial services, banking, insurance and investments to explore the future of the industry.

The financial services sector is at the heart of digital innovation, with disruption taking place across the industry. In our COVID-19 world, financial institutions need to remain competitive by prioritizing the right mix of technology investments to support the evolution of remote interactions and ever-increasing customer expectations.

During this virtual event, you will have our LTI’s Insurance expert speaking about:

  • Re-Imagining Insurance Processes with AI led Automation
  • Contact Center AI on Cloud – Enabling BFS enterprise to Accelerate Digitization

ISG experts and industry thought leaders will discuss on topics like – ‘What the future will look like’ and share examples of transformation happening in their own organizations.

  • Will ‘Work-At-Home’ remain at high-levels after the crisis passes and how does that impact workforce training, morale and performance management?
  • What are some of the use cases that can be considered to take advantage of emerging AI technologies?
  • Is your transformation program delivering? How do you measure value?

We are excited to see you virtually at TechXchange.

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    Speaking Sessions

    Topic: Re-Imagine Insurance with AI led Automation

    AI has found way into every facet of our lives and industries that touches us continually. Insurance Industry has seen adoption of technologies to re-imagine business processes keeping the customer experience at the center of transformation strategy. Advance technologies such as Software Robotics, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Solutions, offer exciting ‘Automation’ possibilities for Insurers, to dramatically improve their profit margins, as well as transform customer experience. Amid COVID 19 insurers are looking at ways to reduce dependency on location and people, moving away from paper-based processes to digital operations. During this session we will look at how LTI is re-imagining Insurance leveraging AI solutions such as One Click Quote, Cognitive Claims Intake, Smart Submissions and Augmented Analytics amongst others.


    Antra Mohan

    Director, Insurance Solutions, LTI

    Antra has 18 years of industry experience associated with companies like AIG, ING (Voya), AXA and ACORD. She was responsible for setting up and running insurance operations, insurance business process consulting, new product launches and managing complex projects to drive transformation. Her proficiency encompasses digital solutions, intelligent automation & persona led experience transformation. In her current role within LTI, Antra is responsible for creating solutions to drive Customer Experience and Business Process efficiencies.

    Topic: Contact Center AI on Cloud – Enabling BFS enterprise to Accelerate Digitization

    The cloud provides scalable omnichannel contact center solutions at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. Easy on-boarding, flexibility, AI/ML enablement on-demand make it an ideal choice for a dynamic, and increasing contactless environment. Understand how Banking & Financial Institutions can accelerate digitization and increase automation to meet changing consumer demands with cloud contact-center solutions fortified with the power of AI. Including integrations with other solutions for a seamless and intelligent experience, with a special showcase of Amazon Connect.


    Siva S

    Founder & CEO Powerup (An LTI Company)

    Shiva is the Founder & CEO of Powerup, an LTI company, having been associated with the public cloud since 2012, both as an employee and an entrepreneur. An active evangelist, both within the community and the larger business ecosystem, he has witnessed many significant milestones in its evolution. An early advocate of cloud-native AI, having ushered adoption with large enterprises and winning several accolades in recognition. His focus is on building AI-powered solutions across conversational intelligence and image recognition across use-cases.