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LTI’s fan-model based OTT micro-personalization solution

OTT has dramatically transformed the way viewers consume media content, forcing media companies to go direct-to-consumer with own OTT platforms. With consumers flooded with choices of such content platforms, an important imperative to success for an OTT platform is to drive differentiated engagement and experience for its consumers.

LTI’s fan-based model identifies big communities or topics with large fan bases, and helps you provide targeted and micro-personalized suggestions to viewers based on their preferences, likes and viewing history – in other words, identifying subjects, genres and categories they are fans of. Thus, our solution, powered by a mix of AI and analytics, helps in creating a loyal fan base.

LTI’s fan-model micro-personalization engine is a cutting edge and path breaking solution that drives this much needed highly differentiated engagement and experience for OTT consumers, helping media companies maximize monetization with higher conversions and retentions. This solution from LTI applies deep consumer science to understand every consumer’s content preferences and viewing patterns to build extensive fan personas that enables micro-personalization on OTT. This micro-personalization keeps consumers highly engaged with fan-persona based recommendations and extreme personalization across multiple dimensions including custom content categories, micro-consumption content capsules, artwork, synopsis, offers and communication channels.

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    Solution video

    Business outcomes

    OTT revenue uplift with higher monetization through micro-personalized experience

    • Higher monetization of Content across business models
    • Improved conversions and retentions through deeper engagement (more content viewing) – SVOD Model
    • Higher number of ads playing with deeper engagement (more content viewing) – AVOD Model

    Target KPIs

    • ASC – Active Subscriber Count
    • MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue
    • CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost
    • CLV – Customer Lifetime Value
    • AVH – Average Viewed Hours (Monthly/Weekly)
    • AVHS – Average Viewed Hours per Session
    • Total Watch Time to Total Time Spent ratio
    • Number of scrolls per content watch

    LTI Whitepaper

    Due to the increasing availability of high-speed internet and multiple advancements in technology, the demand for video streaming services is continuously increasing. On the supply side as well, there are a lot of media companies who are jumping on the OTT bandwagon to offer video streaming services. As a result of this development, customers have a lot of content and platforms to choose from. It has also become increasingly easy for consumers to switch from one platform to another platform without incurring any switching costs. Media companies worldwide are facing a two-pronged challenge: they are spending millions to create content and they are struggling to connect consumers with the right content and the right experience. So, the primary questions that arise are:

    • How do media companies offering direct-to-consumer (D2C) OTT services retain consumers?
    • How do media companies optimize their monetization models?
    • How do media companies get maximum ROI on their content investments?
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      I agree to receive communication from LTI.
      Refer LTI privacy policy to know how your data is safe with us.