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The market today is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, what with industry consolidation, changing consumer behavior, new digital channels, cost pressures and new regulatory norms. Manual and paper-based organizations have a high Turn Around Time (TAT), resulting in low operational efficiency. They also use enormous physical space, leading to high Total Cost of Operations (TCO), and are unable to adhere to the changing regulatory norms. Paper-based organizations are therefore left with no choice, but to elevate and adopt the new digital wave.

Evolution of digital technologies and their wide accessibility has ensured that going paperless isn’t a dream anymore. LTI can help you on-board this wave with its e-Office Solution. An unprecedented enabler for organizations, LTI’s e-Office solution will empower you to ride on extremely high customer experience, with high agility and low cost of operations.

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LTI’s e-Office Solution

LTI’s e-Office solution is built to create a long-term foundation of having an integrated platform for performing key business functions. This will help us automate day-to-day office activities and processes on the digital platform, eliminating the movement of paper & file in physical form. Its key solution components include:

Machine Learning

Automated, Faster and Strategic Decisions




Automate Mundane Task

Document Management and Records Management

Scanning, Auto capture of meta data, indexing, storing, retrieving, archiving


Expose the internal operations to external parties



Omni Channel Integration

Mobile and other smart devices

Key Features

LTI’s e-Office stretches across 600+ pre-built processes, covering the below domains:

  • Budgeting and Control

  • Material Management

  • Finance and Accounts

  • Legal

  • Inspection

  • RTI Management

  • Parliament Query

  • Monitoring and Reporting

  • Audit and Compliance

  • Committee and Meetings

  • Employee Lifecycle

  • Correspondence Management

  • Case Management

Key Implementations

LTI has implemented paperless solutions for multiple clients across various domains. The key statistics of one of the biggest implementations, is where LTI played an end-to-end role, providing services such as Consulting, Product Selection, E2E Hardware Supply & Installation, Solution Implementation, and Commissioning & Maintenance, of an enterprise-wide paperless office solution.

Key implementation highlights include:

  • 3400 document types
  • 100 million documents scanned
  • 7800 trees saved per year – Go Green
  • 45 unique documents
  • 35 remote centers connected to a central architecture
  • 4500 manual processes mapped to 600 unique processes

Key Business Outcomes:

  • Automated solution resulted into 30% TAT improvement
  • Increased productivity and scalability by 50%
  • Reduced total cost of operations by 50%
  • Excellent visibility and business-friendly reports

Why LTI?

Business Understanding

Business Understanding

Your go-to partner, with experience in delivering a holistic e-Office transformation solution, built on a “business first” mind-set and approach.

Implementation Expertise

Implementation Expertise

Implemented one of the successful and mega e-Office paperless solution for a leading client, which included 3400 document types.



Strategic partnership and proven experience with market-leading vendors – such as IBM and Pega.

Competent Resource Strength

Competent Resource Strength

Access to 2500+ best-in-breed digital consultants, who are certified in multiple technologies. Their capabilities ensure quick ramp-up and ramp-down, using core flex delivery model and flexible pricing options.

Best Practices and Value Adds

Best Practices and Value Adds

An opportunity to leverage LTI’s dedicated Digital CoE, BPA framework and Mosaic framework for a wide array of templates, artifacts & reusable repository, which will decrease the implementation timeframe by at least 25%.

Go paperless with LTI’s e-Office Solution

Going paperless is a critical mandate to sustain in today’s competitive world. LTI’s e-Office solution helps you become more efficient, reduces your total cost of operations, improves your eco footprint, saves space & time, and finally, transforms your customer’s experience.

Automating Budget Approval Process with LTI’s e-Office Solution

Creating an effective budget approval is a daunting task. The process is predominantly manual with extensive dependency on paper or spreadsheets creating bottlenecks at every stage of approval resulting in high turnaround times. LTI’s e-Office solution streamlines budget approvals by enabling users to define the flow using pre-configured business modules. The Dynamic Process Configurator feature of e-Office makes it possible.