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Enterprises today are architecting their software delivery value stream to deliver unique and differentiating services. Technologies and methodologies such as Agile and DevOps have been adopted to accelerate the time between build-to-deploy. However, while intensive automation is delivering incremental benefits, complex IT ecosystems, limited resources of SME knowledge and dependency risks are posing challenges for enterprises. Here is an opportunity for an AI-powered platform that can deliver faster IT throughput and better quality.

LTI Canvas Insights

LTI Canvas Insights is a platform that empowers the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with AI and Correlation Algorithms. Using these two enablers, LTI Canvas Insights can help identify application hotspots, predict defects & risks, eliminate bottlenecks in defect & problem triage, unclog CI/ CD pipelines, and provide insights into application performance. This AI-infused, DevOps and Agile enabled way of delivering software has helped our clients meet high quality standards and speed-to-market.

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    Unique features

    LTI Canvas Insights allows the software development teams to code effectively and efficiently, by providing an end-to-end view through detailed impact analysis of new requirements and changes & defects, resulting in faster software delivery.

    Code quality improvement

    Code Quality Improvement

    Identifying code defects in advance in the development lifecycle

    Impact analysis

    Impact Analysis

    Identifying defects and correlating them across applications, domains, teams, and driving root-cause analysis


    Production Ticket Analysis

    Proactively helping production support teams to fix issues in co-related areas


    Intelligent Decision-making

    Enabling intelligent decision-making about test coverage and test suite optimization at a rapid pace

    Sprint planning

    Sprint Planning

    Right identification of teams and skills, resulting in better sprint planning and workload planning

    Defect Analysis

    Defect Analysis

    Early defect detection & analysis, provision of remediation solutions, resulting in reduced rework.